15 Puzzle is a puzzle/fun game, where you arrange the tiles in a 4x4 board to put them in the original order (from left to right, up to down).
The game has many skins.
The first one is the classic 15 puzzle, i. e. the tiles are numbered from 1 to 15.
The rest of the skins are pictures. By arranging the tiles in correct order, you get a full view of the picture.
To start the game you shuffle the tiles (re-arrange in random order) by shaking the iPhone/iPodTouch.
The more you shake, the more tiles are un-ordered and its difficult to re-order them.
The game is always solvable after a shuffle.
You always have the opportunity to have a look on original picture that should be solved by clicking the top-left button on the navigation bar.
There are 17 puzzle pictures in the game.
You have options to move cells either by tapping on them (fast way), or sliding them (like the real, old game).
Your turns and the completeness of the puzzle are tracked so that you are able to see how far have you solved the puzzle at a given moment.

The game is intended for a wide age of users (even kids can play).

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