Dead Strike is free again! For a limited time only! Multiplayer update coming on First week of April! Hurry up and get ready for the ground-up new version of this new and explosive ragdoll zombie shooter!
Fight your way through a sprawling 3D, zombie-infested city as four survivors attempt to stop an outbreak of the living dead.
The creation of an antidote depends on the group delivering a sample of the deadly virus to a hospital on the other side of the city. But as the foursome’s grim fight for survival continues, it becomes apparent that there’s more to the virus than anyone realized. As the group is systematically hunted by the ravenous living dead, they soon discover that these cannibalistic monsters aren’t as mindless as they look.

Dead Strike is the action-packed horror survival game the iPhone has been waiting for, with a powerful, twisted storyline, a brutal arsenal of weaponry, stunning graphics and more zombies than a BBQ at George Romero’s graveside.

Fans of Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Resident Evil and Silent Hill will devour Dead Strike, brains first!

Version v1.2 gameplay video:



• 46 levels, packed to bursting with legions of the undead.
• Unique abilities for each of the four characters.
• Ragdoll Physics!
• Listen your music while playing!
• Nice and smooth FPS controls type!
• Nine different weapons including flamethrower, mini-gun and chainsaw.
• Original soundtrack with music and lyrics by Adrien Volpi and Francois Gratecap.
• Dynamic lighting, lens flare, mist and dust effects on all iPhone and iPod touch devices.
• Featuring true virtual analog stick (slide instead of single touch).
• Day and night battles.
• Choose a guns blazing action-packed approach or use stealth tactics to stay alive.
• Incredible AI allowing the undead to react to sounds and action, while communicating with each other in real time.
• Frantic boss battles.
• Expansive and detailed 3D world to explore.
• Rich, gripping storyline, edited and co-written by Pure Square Go.
• Buckets of blood, special effects with sprays and splashes for full-on horror effect.
• High scores.

Cheat Codes

How to use cheats:
Activating the cheat once, will toggle it ON.
Activating the cheat again, will toggle it OFF.
Your high scores will not be recorded if any cheat is On. Turn them all Off to get High Scores! All cheats are lower case, beginning your cheat with an 'I' instead of 'i', will not work.

iwhanteverything All Cheats On/Off.
iamfastRun 5x faster.
iamgodEnemies cannot hit you.
idontreloadInfinite ammo/no reloads.
iwhantmoneyGet 30000000$.
iwhantweaponsGet All weapons.
iwhantitemsGet All items.
iaminvisibleInvisible mode, no one can see you!



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