Take the classic Clue board game to the next level with ClueSOLVED--an app designed for casual to competitive players alike! At the most simplistic level, it is an app which allows you to use or not use a variety of informational organization tools--without need for pencil and paper.

Gone are the days of smeared pencil and eraser marks, frustration, lots of papers, and fear of prying eyes! ClueSOLVED consists of an easy to use interface which allows you to quickly note and store a vast amount of information with the tap of your finger!

Are you a casual player? No problem. All you have to do is use it like you would a normal notepad--only without the danger of someone guessing what card you were shown by looking where you place your mark!

Are you more of a competitive type? ClueSOLVED has got you covered with individual notepads for each and every player, as well as an advanced, color-coded event list!

Tired of having to manually enter in data? Simply turn on the AutoFill option when you start a new game! AutoFill allows you to concentrate more on deducing important information, rather than spending time manually entering repetitive data!

Tired of thinking too much? Want to have a little fun? Turn on AutoSolve, sit back, relax, and enjoy the look on your friends faces when you solve the game and they're not even close! Against the super-serious Clue player, AutoSolve is a dangerous opponent. Against the casual player, it's just plain death!

*Notepad--similar to a standard Clue board game paper notepad, it allows you to easily modify, organize,and view data without pencil or paper. There is a notepad for each player--allowing you to keep track of what each and every player has or does not have!

*Even list--the event list helps you keep track of who guessed what and who showed the card. It features color-coded text which is linked to your player notepads. Any changes made in the notepads (say, you deduce a player does not have a card and mark it), will affect the event list--making it an easy to use, dynamic list, which allows you to quickly deduce normally hard to detect information.

*AutoFill--a good example of what it does for you can be found in this example:
Let's suppose you mark on your notepad that you have a card. AutoFill will then automatically mark the remaining player's notepads with an "O"--meaning they definitely do NOT have that card, instead of you having to go through each notepad and do it yourself. Also, if Player 2 makes a suggestion, and Player 6 shows a card, AutoFill will make a note in the corresponding player notepads that Players 3, 4, and 5 obviously do NOT have any of the three cards suggested!

*AutoSolve--this feature originated from my curiosity as to just how long it would take to win a Clue game if I could keep track of every piece of information and make correct deductions accordingly. Well, by enabling AutoSolve, you'll find out just that! AutoSolve combines AutoFill with brains--meaning all you need to do is tell it which cards you have, and then enter the suggestion events! From there, after every turn, it scans the gathered information and before you know it, you'll know exactly what is in the envelope! All you have to worry about is making wise suggestions (see below) and you'll be practically unbeatable!

*Additional help, tips, and tricks--are you a beginner or casual player who wants to become a overall better Clue player regardless of whether or not you use the app? In addition to help regarding its use, ClueSOLVED comes with a few helpful tips and tricks which help you to make better suggestions and deduce more information to help you solve the case!

In the end, whether casual, competitive, beginner, or experienced, ClueSOLVED is an app you definitely won't want to pass up!

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