Earthslicer is a game of capturing territory in the real world. As you move through the world, you leave a trail behind you. When this trail closes into some kind of loop, you capture that territory: a slice of mother earth becomes yours, forever.

Did you ever play the classic arcade game Qix? Earthslicer is like Qix in real life.

This game requires a GPS. When you have a solid signal, you will leave a trail behind you as you move. The trail looks like little blocks. When these blocks surround an empty space, it fills in, and you capture the whole thing. You have to move around a bit -- the smallest loop you can make is about 200 feet. The largest is a couple miles square.

Launching this game, you may find that some territory nearby has already been captured. That's because you're competing with the rest of the world! Your score is the sum of the territory you have sliced.

You can find more information at
This website also has a neat interactive map showing all the territory captured in the world.

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