Morse Defender is a very fun arcade game that you can learn Morse code while playing.

You can learn all the alphabets and numerals in the full version!

You don't even need to try to memorize them since you will do so while playing without ever noticing!

This is a very fun and addictive game as well as the best app to learn the Morse code!!

Here are some of the features that you may be interested in.

- 5 unique levels with different themes and bosses.

- 2 game difficulties: normal & hard.

- Well-designed 5 sub-levels for each level for smooth learning and game play.

- 21 different items to acquire such as game pause, shields, slow down, etc.

- 3 different bomb types and 3 different attack modes.

- Resume saved game.

- Practice mode to learn about Morse code and how to enter Dahs and Dits.


Enemies are attacking our military bases by pouring powerful bombs that can be controlled with encoded code. You as a soldier have to defend the bases by sending decoded code signals to the bombs in order to deactivate them before the bombs sweep out everything. The battle will not stop until you destroy the enemy bosses. You have to destroy them as soon as possible since their attack will become fiercer as you take more time.

The game play is very simple and fun. Touch the bomb and hold for a very short time to enter a short code (.), or hold for a little longer time to enter a longer code (-). You can take various items by entering code to dropping parachutes. The boss can only be attacked when it advances and gets bigger.

It may look very simple, however, it is highly recommended to pass the Training (Practice) session before jumping into the battlefield.

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