A Puzzle board game.
To Play, Spin the wheel to qualify for the prizes, guess a letter or vowel to win the prizes. Solve the puzzle to win all the prizes. The highest value player Wins the game. Upon finishing 5 sets of game, there will be a bonus round. Only the highest value player gets to play the game. Aim to be the top in the hall of Fame.

Each player has a Bank value and a Game value.
The Bank value is the total credit he has gain from the game sets that he played.
The Game value is the credit during the game set. Only upon winning the game set the game value will be transferred to the player's bank. Players who do not win a game set, lose all the game value for that game set, but retain all the accumulated credit in his bank.
If the player missed a turn he will have to pass the turn to the next player.
If the player bankrupt will have to pass and lose all the credit in that game set.
A player cannot buy a vowel on game start or turn start, you will have to spin first.
A player can guess a letter before buying a vowel but cannot guess a letter after buying a vowel.
Buying a vowel will cost a player credit (for each vowel).
Solving the puzzle gains additional credit.

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