This iPhone application "Animal Bingo" can enjoy as a family game and a party game. Moreover, this can be used as a joint party tool.
Use this application as a family game enjoyed together with children with a family. And this can be used also as a tool for giving a boost to the party and the joint party.
?This game is a communication game like "Pop-up Pirate" which can enjoy admiration at a family, a party, etc. excitedly.
?Pleasant animals, such as a dog, a cat, a tiger, live in Animal House. And they are hungry and are crying. Touch the animal which seems to be in a good mood. They come back to their room if in a good mood.
This game is good at communications with rise with the friend and the lover.
The game is very simple. In your turn, touch pleasant animals and return them to the room. Enjoy feeling of strain who loses.
In addition, a pleasant event happens during a game in various ways.
The event by which food is sometimes stocked occurs. And the animal which was sleeping gets up suddenly or the animal which had got up conversely goes to sleep suddenly.
Apply the favorite food of animals. Since this can also perform a penalty game setup to the person who lost, it can do various methods of pleasure.

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