Bubble Aim is an iphone application based on the popular game Bubble Shooter or Bubble Up. The purpose of the game is to accumulate a high score. It is required to fire bubbles with random colors to other stacked bubbles of the same color. If the hit resulted in 3 consecutive bubbles or more, then the bubbles will pop. Floating bubbles will also pop. When one of the colors disappear from the screen it won't show up again.

You win by popping all bubbles and lose when the bubbles hit a certain level. There are 3 difficulties: Easy, medium, and hard having three, four, five bubble colors respectively.

-Online Scores (Leaderboards)
-Themes Support ( 2 Themes for now)
-Suggest new features using OpenFeint.
-Chat with friends using the OpenFeint Support.
-Three Difficulties
-Save game and continue later.

Recommended for people who love competition.

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