Charter Jet is a fast paced game where you are the pilot of your own business jet.

You fly from city to city taking people to where they want to go. Each city has several groups of passengers waiting to go someplace. You have 10 seats on your airplane and can load as many passengers as you want as long as you have room. Once passengers are on board, they will remain on board until you deliver them to their destination.

But watch out! You are not alone. There is another airplane out there that is competing with you for passengers. You must be the superior pilot in order to carry more passengers than this other airplane.

There are multiple levels in Charter Jet. Each level is just a little bit harder than the previous one. You will advance to the next level by carrying more passengers than the other airplane. If you don't then the game is over. You are given one point for each passenger that you carry and you will need at least 75 points per level to advance.

You can suspend your game at any time by pressing the home button. The next time you start the game you will have the option to either resume the previous game or to start a new one.

Instructions are available at the beginning of the game and the high score table is available for viewing at the beginning and end of each game.

Your preflight briefing is now complete. You are CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF!

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