ColorInfect is a strategy game where the objective is to infect all the yellow balls with red balls. The ball can only be controlled by removing obstacles. Obstacles can be removed by touching them.

The challenging aspect of the game is to complete the levels faster to earn more points. Use your insight to judge the path of the balls to complete the level.

The most critical aspect of the game is timing. Time the release of obstacles in order for the balls to follow the desired path. Accurate timing and precise planning is required for the successful completion of the level.

The game consists of various levels with incremental difficulty. The user can alter the value of gravity with a simple flick anywhere on the screen. By changing the gravity value the balls can be made to move faster or slower and this is an important dimension of the game.
Special thanks to Tapir Games, the original creator of Color Infection for letting us use the concept.

Key Features:
- Gravity based physics game
- Infect the yellow balls with red color
- Complete the level in the given time
- Increasingly challenging and interesting levels
- Precise timing, planning the strategy to complete the level critical
- Addictive and compelling game
- Restarting the level reduces points

ColorInfect was created by a four person graduate team as part of a course project for the course “COSC 6355 – Ubiquitous Computing” in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Houston.

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