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    ***Haypi Kingdom***
    * Title:		Haypi Kingdom     *
    * Genre:	            MMOTBS        *
    * For:		        IPhone/Droid X    *
    * Author:	        Jim Baker         *
    * Email:       STLJuggalotuzz@hotmail.com *
    ==Version Information==
    Version Alpha - Began Collecting Information, Began Guide
    Contents of the Guide
    1. About the Author
    My name is Jim Baker. I reside on s51 under the handle of Delapsus. I have 
    been playing Haypi Kingdom since the day it came out on Droid X. This will be
    my first guide submitted to GameFaqs as a completion so I hope you enjoy.
    2. About the Guide
    This guide was purely, outright, influenced and inspired by the currently
    popular Email being passed around under the Nickname 'Haypi Tome". While I will
    take alot from that guide I will also be adding my own spin on things. These
    will be tips or little walks on my percieved favorable action.
    3. Personal Review of Haypi Kingdom
    4. Controls (Droid Only)
    5. Abbriviations Used
    6. General Pre-Game Tips
    1) Always Always ALWAYS hunt your troops when you are not activly attacking, 
    farming, or cropping. There is a reason I put this tip as number 1. There is
    always someone out there scouting bases and reporting them to alliance members
    that might be close. Troops in your base = Gauranteed attack
    2) Hide your crops. If you have enough available people, goto the marketplace,
    sell all your resourses for insane prices. No one will buy them and no one can
    raid them from your base if they are on the market. This will prevent farming.
    3) Save your coins. When you first start a new server, get 1 week VIP. You
    should save your coins from there. If you do NOT plan on buying Haypi Coins
    then you will need these extra coins when you goto upgrade some buildings past
    level 15. Also Enhancments will use your coins along with opening special
    4) Netiquette is important. The community that plays this game is very hostile
    to people who disagree with the norm. You will be farmed daily if you get
    blackballed. you want to succeed in this game? Hope your alliance is open
    minded or talk ONLY of Haypi.
    5) Log In Daily. If you only have that one moment to spare, to to do it after
    your daily gift. A few days of learning and you will know when the daily gift
    is given to you.
    7. The Archive
    Here is where you will find the bulk of this guild. Here I will include the 
    number of what army to takee where for the best result. How to hunt. How to
    level. The names of Quests and their readouts. If there is a general question
    about Haypi Kingdom that you have, it can probably be found here. Special
    questions, concerns or possible bugs can be found in the FAQ section in this
    guide. So here you go Haypi fans. I hope you enjoy, and Refer Delapsus!!
    Before I start ANY of this, I need to remind everyone to take a look at the
    rules for Haypi Kingdom. The community of this game is Primarily filled with
    people that would prefer there is absolutly NOTHING offensive posted in 
    World Chat. I am serious. NOTHING offensive. The Experts (more on them later)
    will not stall to mute your chat abilites and can alert the game Admins of
    further provocation. The admin can and will ban your ability to chat
    permanently. This will severly limit your ability to make it to the endgame
    battles and live.
    HAYPI KINGDOM----Taken from the website---Haypi Kingdom is a massively
    multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). You will be a general directing
    an ancient kingdom in a strategic game - boosting resource production, 
    adventuring in extensive wild land, reaping legendary treasures, equipping your
    troops with advanced abilities and fighting against enemies - with the ultimate
    goal of becoming the strongest kingdom in the ancient world. Your general can 
    get higher title and more advanced attributes as he joins more and more 
    battles. His attributes will be shared among his troops as well. You won't play
    alone. In this massive multiplayer online game you will be able to interact
    with thousands of players from all over the world in a competition for fame,
    power, wealth and glory. What's more, there are plenty of possibilities to 
    interact with others - Not only offense and defense, but also trade, alliance, 
    mail system, chat system, etc. Haypi Kingdom will be a rewarding pastime on 
    your iPhone. 
    Enjoy it now!
    ::Side Note:: While they Classify this as an MMORPG, I would honestly call it
    a MMOTBS (Massivly Multi-Player Time Based Stradegy)
    So you have downloaded the game, installed it, opened it and are probably
    looking at it in disgust (If this is your first time playing) and confusion.
    Well lets break down the current screen you are looking at.
    |                              |
    |                              |----- **Resource Screen**
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              | 
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |----- **City Screen**
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    |                              |----- **Command Screen
    |                              |
    ***Resource Screen*** This is where you will find the count of the current
    resources in the city you are currently in. you will also see them slowly
    counting up as you upgrade them. Except the coins of course. Tap this section
    to bring up another menu showing how much output you have per hour on each
    resourse. This also shows how much you have as opposed how much you can hold.
    At the bottom of this screen you will see the option to buy resourses with
    ***City Screen*** This is the actual artistic version of all these numbers.
    There are 10 buildings and your wall. The only building structure that does
    not have upgrades is the marketplace. As they are all labeled i do not need
    to tell you which building is which so I will give you a rundown of each
    structure in the buildings section of this guide.
    ***Command Screen*** Here you will find various buttons to help you play your
    game. Each button will be explained in the buttons section of this guide.
    When you start to play make note that you are under a 7 Day Begginer's
    protection period. This prevents you from being attacked by anyone. This also
    prevents you from attacking anyone or making a second city.
    I suggest your second action (first being to read the rules) be to upgrade
    your warehouse. You will be claiming quite a few rewards in the next 30 minutes
    and your current warehouse level will NOT hold them.
    Your third action that you open your task menu. Start at task 1. Do the task, 
    then go back to the task and claim the reward. By claiming the reward you will
    not only be able to see the next task but also other tasks that you may have
    not known you finished. Once you have finished AND claimed the rewards for the
    4th task you can finally give yourself an Identity. Register your new account,
    refer whoever showed you the game, or whoever helped you the most, or me by
    using the name DELAPSUS. Once this is complete you will now have a name and
    will have a much better chance at joining an alliance. Continue to do your
    tasks and eventually you will get a task to upgrade your general. This is how
    you level up. At first the requirments are small, but eventually leveling up
    requires both experience points and treasures.
    From here there are several ways you can go about playing the game. You have 7
    days to do whatever you want. you can turtle and build your resources. You
    could forsake early upgrades for an army and start occuping Oasis. There is no
    "Best Way" to start. It all comes down to how it ends.
    Eventually you will need to start going to war. in order to do this you will
    need an Army. A large Army. Thousands strong. In order to get there you will
    need to learn to occupy oasis, take over forts, and farm inactives. To help
    you along here are the approximate minimum amounts of siege engines to take 
    oasis and forts.
    Level 1 - 5
    Level 2 - 10
    Level 3 - 25
    Level 4 - 50
    Level 5 - 75
    Level 6 - 100
    Level 7 - 200
    Level 8 - 400
    Level 9 - 500
    Level 10 -700
    Level 1 - 250
    Level 2 - 500
    Level 3 - 750
    Level 4 - 1000
    Level 5 - 1500
    Level 6 - 3000
    Level 7 - 6000
    Level 8 - 9000
    Level 9 - 13000
    Level 10 -18000
    Scouting allows you to possibly see some or all of the troops and resources
    in another player's base. Scouting works very well for forts also but will
    never reveal all the troops in an Oasis. To see more of your human opponents
    information you will needa higher scout level then him/her.Your scout skill 
    is upgraded in the Tech Center. When you cannot see the numbers of troops
    with your scout skill you will get little cryptic messages. Here is what
    those messages mean.
    10-24------One or two Dozen
    100-249----One or two Hundred
    250-499----Several Hundred
    1000-2499--One or Two Thousand
    2500-4999--Several Thousand
    10000+ ----Over 100 Hundred (Yeah I know....Got to love the "Engrish)
    --General Levels--
    Your ability to occupy several oasis, have multiple cities, occupy forts, 
    flaunt levels, and generally wage war is dependant on your general level.
    Here is the list of level requirments and the benefits that it gives. The
    numbers under requirments are in prestige.
    |Level|Requirments       |Cities|Oasis|Forts
    |1    |0                 |0     |1    |0   |
    |2    |200               |0     |1    |0   |
    |3    |630               |0     |2    |0   |
    |4    |1150/Nug          |1     |2    |1   |
    |5    |2000              |1     |3    |1   |
    |6    |3600              |1     |3    |1   |
    |7    |6.5k/Nug,Gem      |2     |4    |2   |
    |8    |11500             |2     |4    |2   |
    |9    |20000             |2     |5    |2   |
    |10   |35k/Gem,Med       |3     |5    |3   |
    |11   |65000             |3     |6    |3   |
    |12   |115000            |3     |6    |3   |
    |13   |200k/Med,Scep     |4     |7    |4   |
    |14   |360000            |4     |7    |4   |
    |15   |650000            |4     |8    |4   |
    |16   |1.15m/Scepx3      |5     |8    |5   |
    |17   |2000000           |5     |9    |5   |
    |18   |3600000           |5     |9    |5   |
    |19   |6.5M/Scpx2,Crwnx2 |6     |10   |6   |
    |20   |11.5M/Scpx4,Crwnx4|6     |10   |6   |
    8. Weapons
    9. Buildings
    -Main Building- The main function of this building is to increase the 
    "Person" resource. By upgrading this building you will increase how many
    "Person" you make per hour and how many "Person" you can hold max. The
    "person" resource is  used to upgrade buildings, add turrent and traps, move
    resources to other cities or the market, and training troops. Here you can
    allso click "Managment". Here you can manage your friends list, buy more
    begginer's protection, add VIP time, Invite friends, Contact Support, 
    generate an alliance map, reset your password, or connect with FaceBook.
    -Stone Mine- Here you can upgrade the output of your stone per hour. There are
    four different "Departments" that all need to be upgraded individually. There
    are 20 possible upgrades per department for a total possible 80 upgrades in the
    Stone Mine itself. Also you can click enchance and use coins to increase the 
    production rate for a short time.
    -Cropland- Here you can upgrade the output of your food per hour. There are
    four different "Departments" that all need to be upgraded individually. There
    are 20 possible upgrades per department for a total possible 80 upgrades in the
    Cropland itself. Also you can click enchance and use coins to increase the 
    production rate for a short time.
    -Iron Mine- Here you can upgrade the output of your iron per hour. There are
    four different "Departments" that all need to be upgraded individually. There
    are 20 possible upgrades per department for a total possible 80 upgrades in the
    Iron Mine itself. Also you can click enchance and use coins to increase the 
    production rate for a short time.
    -Lumber Mill- Here you can upgrade the output of your lumber per hour. There 
    are four different "Departments" that all need to be upgraded individually. 
    There are 20 possible upgrades per department for a total possible 80 upgrades 
    in the Lumber Mill itself. Also you can click enchance and use coins to 
    increase the production rate for a short time.
    -Barracks- Here you will train your soldiers. From top to bottom you have
    Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and Siege Engines. Upgrades to this building
    result in shorter training times. More information on each troop in the troops
    section of this guide.
    -Marketplace- Here you will find the stock market of Haypi Kingdom. You will
    be able to buy and sell all manner of resources, treasures, and keys. This
    building has no upgrade. Each available ware will be explained in the
    treasures section of this guide.
    -Tech Center- Here you will upgrade all manner of techs. The costs are in gold
    and become extremly expensive as the levels increase. An explaination for each
    ability will be explained in the techs section of this guide.
    -City Wall- Here you will be able to add traps or turrents to your walls. The
    available upgrades are dependant on your tech level. Detailed explainations
    available in the wall section  of this guide.
    -Cranny- Here you will be able to hide some resources in your base. At the
    maximum upgrade it only holds 1/4 of your Warehouse maximum. Also some players
    have the Crack Cranny skill and will be able to take some of your resources
    regardless of level.
    -Warehouse- This is how many resources that you can have in your city. If you
    are able attain more but it exceeds your max capacity YOU WILL lose those
    15. Achievments
    16. FAQs

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