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Ra has lost his powers (his Eyes, Flair and Ankh). You are the hero tasked with traveling across Egypt to help Ra regain his powers by finding the 5 broken pieces of his Ankh.
Sailing down the Nile, finding the Lost City, crossing the desert on camel, exploring the Pyramid and Mystery Forest, Sphinks will let you discover the ancient sites of Egypt. The game is simple to learn, yet challenging, where you try to match the same pieces on a board by linking them together in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.


- Six locations to explore with each location more challenging than the last.

- Two game modes: Explore and Endure.

- Ancient egyptian themes

- Awesome visual effects.

- Special sound effects and ambience sounds for each location.

- Two methods of game control; drag and drop, touch and go.

- Mysterious egyptian artefacts with special powers that will help your progress in the game.

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