Taperator features four simple, unique, and fun apps all for the price of one--with more on the way! Once purchased, you will receive free updates and additions as future apps are developed and released! The apps in Taperator are designed to be easy to learn, fun to play, and offer a quick gameplay experience. Easy game selection and fast load times allow you to quickly get into the game--perfect for when you're waiting, bored, or just want to kill some time without having to much time to kill.

Argumentator--A VS only game which allows you to quickly settle arguments and differences using skill and dexterity! Do you enjoy arguing for argument's sake? Have you ever been sure you're right and he's wrong, only he thinks the same thing about you? If so, Argumentator is the app for you! Now you can argue all you want--and have a blast while at it! With Argumentator, you can argue with up to four of your friends. You'll each be given an "I'm right!" button on the screen and whoever taps their button the most before the time runs out--is right!

Bugerator--This single player and VS game pits your extreme reflexes and tapping skills against a horde of insects! When the game starts, bugs will cross the screen at a random time and place. It is your job to see that the good bugs get by and the bad bugs don't! As time progresses, bugs get faster and more frequent. In VS mode, the screen is split, and you can pit your skills against those of another player! The first to run out of lives wins! It's time to save the world and squash some bugs!

Racerator--Racerator is a test of your speed and concentration. The goal is to get your race car to the finish line by tapping on the pedal as fast as you can: the faster you tap, the faster the car will move! Sure you can achieve a short burst of speed for a second or so, but can you keep it up until you cross the finish line? Single player mode lets you race by yourself to try and beat your fastest time, while VS mode pits your tapping speed and endurance against that of another player on the other side of the screen! Start your engines and hit the track!

Reflexerator--This game will test your reflexes and visual senses. When the game starts, a green or red dot will appear at a random place and time on your screen. You gain points by tapping the green dots before they disappear, and you lose lives by tapping the red dots or failing to tap a green one. As time progresses, the dots will appear more frequently and have a short life span. Like Racerator, Reflexerator has both a single player and VS mode--single player allowing you to try and beat your best score and VS lets you pit your skills against those of another player on the other side of the screen. So, how fast are you?

In the end, if you're looking for something with a variety of fun, challenging, and easy to learn apps to help the time go by, Taperator is the app for you!

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