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Five Fruits is a quick and fun card game to play with your friends on one device. This one-device multiplayer game is all about reaction time and can be played with up to 4 players.

Challenge your friends and show who is the fastest!

- Play together with up to 4 players
- Only one device needed
- Test your reaction time
- Cards are drawn automatically
- Quick, simple and fun

Put your iPhone or iPod Touch on the table, start Five Fruits and challenge your friends!
Every player starts with a stack of cards. Cards will be automatically drawn one by one from each players stack. Release your finger from the button on the screen when exactly 5 fruits of the same type are shown on the table. The player with the fastest reaction time gets all drawn cards on the table added to his stack. As soon as your stack is empty you're out of the game. The last player who has still cards left on his stack wins the game.

If you love card games like SET, Halli Galli or UNO you will definitely like this game!

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