You play as a little angel whose responsibility is to protect the world from disasters. Thanks to your talents, moving the world or casting a spell are as easy as blinking eyes! Moreover, the townsfolk, who once believed that the earth is round, were recently amazed when you shows them that the earth is, in fact, a square shape!! They agree to cooperate with you by spending every gold they has to construct their defenses to protect the mankind.

Protect the town from disasters as long as possible. Compete with your friends via OpenFeint!

1: Touch the screen and hold to move the world around and avoid the town from being hit by any disasters.
2: Build turrets and cast spells to protect the town using the in-game menu.

Game’s features:
1: Simple, fast-paced gameplay
2: Automatic save/load when exit and enter the game
3: In-game tutorial available
4: Five different disaster types at average difficulty
5: Too easy or too difficult? This game provides you a way to customize your game's settings to fully enjoy every bit in the game!
6: Online score support via OpenFeint

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