Math Bumpies is a game where you BUMP, JUMP and ROLL your way through 10 levels of math problems. Get faster at ADDITION and SUBTRACTION.

Play as Orange Boy Wonder, Hula Girl Grape, Princess Pinkberry, Captain von Blueberry, or Mister Chickenpants. Solve the most math problems in the least tries and the least amount of time, for each level. Collect gold coins for bonus points.

Work your way through Math Island by following the map. Play on shipwreck beach. Break through the walls of fire! Enter the jewel cave. Jump over shark infested waters! Get through the snow storm. Watch out for those Math Busters! Fall through clouds. Ride the undersea bubble lifts. Don't fall in the quicksand! Wow, this is fun. Wait you're doing math too. Cool.

Math Bumpies keeps track of stats for each player so you can see your math skills improve. Also, the game saves the high scores for each level, so try to get the high score on each level! Kids - challenge your parents!!!

Choose from 3 skill levels: easy, medium and hard. This game is suitable for ages 6 and up.

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