"Genius. Someone please give this game an award!"

"Addictive, well developed app. From the concept to the gameplay and graphics... 4 out of 5."

Poker Tower combines video poker, solitaire, and a splash of Yahtzee to create a fun and addictive game that is extremely simple to learn but surprisingly deep in strategy.

To play Poker Tower, you’re dealt one card at a time and it’s your job to place each card in one of three potential poker hands. Once you fill a hand with five cards, you score points based on the hand and it disappears to make room for the next one. The better the hand, the more points you score, and the easier it will be to reach your target score and continue the game.

Every time you make a good hand, a corresponding box in the poker tower will light up. If you’re able to light up the entire tower, you’re rewarded with higher point values across the board that will lead you to even higher scores. The strategy needed to light up the tower may take a few games to become clear, but the rewarding aspect of the game is in the tricks you pick up with every game you play. And don’t worry if you’re not a poker expert, anyone can learn and there’s a guide to help you along anytime you need it.

We’re huge fans of the iPhone and its games, and we know there’s no shortage of solitaire games or even poker specific solitaire games out there. But we’re proud of the game we’ve created and we’re confident that not only is it something completely original, but it’s the most fun game of its kind. We’ve also added a number of features to make the experience as enjoyable as possible including:

- Comprehensive stats tracking that will have you comparing your skills against your friends.
- Automatically saved games that will keep your game safe from any disturbance from within your iPhone or elsewhere.
- A card tracker that always shows which cards have been played and which remain (this game isn’t about memorization).

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