On Sale for a Limited Period! Ravensword: The Fallen King is a massive, sandbox-style adventure. Combining action with RPG elements, Ravensword features rich and interactive environments that bring you a gaming experience unlike anything you’ve seen on the iOS platform. Our land is a peaceful one. There is no war or hunger here, but strange and evil creatures stalk the night ...Enter the world of Ravensword: The Fallen King: Take on quests to earn money and experience. Wield powerful weapons and magical runes. Battle fearsome enemies such as Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and Demons. Test your skills with a variety of games and side quests.This is the first adventure in the Ravensword series.Featuring:* Innovative 3D Action/Adventure/RPG hybrid gameplay in an open environment.* An engrossing high-fantasy story that will take hours to unravel.* An expansive 3D world filled with stunning locations and an entertaining cast of characters.* A multitude of enemies to battle using an optional auto-targeting interface.* Mighty weapons, items, and magical runes to purchase and uncover as your character gains wealth and experience.* Choice between first and third-person perspectives at the touch of a button.* Epic soundtrack and spatial 3D audio that puts you right in the action. Listen to the footsteps of creatures as they creep up next to you!* A clear inventory interface, combined with simple leveling and full auto-saves, ensuring pick-up-and-play.* Ride a horse, practice shooting your bow, hunt animals in the forest – these are just a taste of the possibilities within Ravensword.* Secret areas, monsters, and treasures to keep you playing long after you’ve completed the main storyline.Ravensword: The Fallen King is truly a unique gaming experience in the App Store.PRESS REVIEWS:- iTunes - Best Apps of 2009- Kotaku - "Chillingo's ambitious app puts a Lord of the Rings-like adventure in the palm of your hand."- Appgamer 9/10 Superb- Slidetoplay 3/4 "One of the most ambitious titles ever to hit the App Store."- IGN "Built like a PC RPG with a hint of Zelda ."Additional models and textures by Arteria3d.comRavensword is developed by Crescent Moon Games and published by Chillingo Ltd

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