Stuff to Rattle Your Brain!


Boost your brainpower with Stuff to Rattle Your Brain from Test your skills and see how you score, or work toward becoming the trivia team champion. Play every day and you’ll be the smartest person in the room at your next party, office meeting or school function.

Take Stuff to Rattle Your Brain with you on your iPhone or iPod touch and start getting smarter today!

There are three ways to play, so take your pick:

1.) 20 Random Questions: You’re presented with a question from three random categories. If you get it right, you get 1 point. If you get it wrong, you lose 1 point.
But, there’s a secondary scoring system. You can see how the question was answered by other players. For instance, if 80% of previous players answered true, and, you do too, and it turns out to be true, you get an extra .20 points. But, if you’re wrong, you lose .80 points as well as the entire point for getting the question wrong. Make sense?

2.) Keep Going Until I’m Wrong: You keep answering questions and keep scoring points until you get a wrong answer. You get 15 seconds to answer the question, but if you don’t answer in time, you’re out.

3.) Practice, Practice, Practice: No points, no judgment. Just keeping going until you’re ready to play for points.

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