Destroy Balls!
Gain Points!
And be the marble champion!

Special Offer - One Free week, until 21.12 so hurry up and don't lose the chance to play this great game!

The game is really colorful. Pallets and balls colour is assigned randomly, so each time You will play this, it won't be the same. Great rainbow explosions will let You feel, like in a dreamland, but remember, theirs effects depend only on You. The beautiful background graphic based on 'attractors' will help You relax and have fun looking at fireworks, from exploding balls. But, look at this all great screens. Nice harmony of sounds you can hear during game, will also let You fill good.

----HOW TO PLAY----

To play, just launch this application and You will be moved to the game directly. If you want to see options of music, or start new game, press 'pause' button placed in the left-upper corner of the screen (signed with 'P' letter). To move Your pallet, just touch the screen at any place and move your finger, but remember to start each touching from center of game area. To earn many points and to see grateful particle effect, just try to hit the ball, as near to pallet center as possible. On higher levels, amount of balls will be higher, so you won't be able to cath everything precisely, or you will lose health, by losing a ball. Try to find the best tactic and train yourself hard to be the best player.

Have Fun Playing !

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