This shooting game utilizes a style reminiscent of old-school 8-bit graphics, enhancing them with beautiful neon colors and special effects. The sound effects are synced with the intense on-screen action and gradually build to a crescendo as you progress through the game’s stages. Soon you’ll find yourself completely absorbed in the game. There’s no loading time during game play, and the game runs smoothly even on the first-generation iPhone and iPod touch.

* Use either touch or tilt controls to move your ship
To move your ship, just drag your finger across the screen or tilt your device in the direction you want to move. Dodge the red enemy lasers while destroying enemy ships. Not into hardcore shoot 'em ups? Not to worry. Enemy lasers will slow down when they enter the anti-gravity field that surrounds your ship, allowing you to take your time avoiding enemy fire.

* Collect Energy Bits
The more enemy lasers there are in the anti-gravity field that surrounds your ship, the more “energy bits” will appear when you destroy an enemy. Collect these to increase your score.

In addition, each time you collect an energy bit, the Energy Gauge at the top of the screen will increase. When it fills up completely, you will enter Awakened Mode, where the screen lights up in a dazzling light show. You will be completely invincible and have maximum weapon power until the gauge reaches zero. Also, destroying enemies in Awakened Mode will release large amounts of energy bits!

* Reverse Enemy Lasers with an Anti-Gravity Field Blast
If you find yourself surrounded, shake your device rapidly (or touch the screen if using the TILT controls) to discharge your anti-gravity field on the entire screen. This will temporarily cause all enemy lasers to reverse course. (This can be used when the icon at the top right of the screen is flashing.) But use this with caution: you will lose your anti-gravity field for a short time after using it, making it impossible to slow down enemy lasers.

- The only things that you cannot touch are the red enemy lasers. You can touch enemy ships without taking damage.
- Enemy lasers need to touch your ship’s core to damage it, so you can get very close to them and still remain safe.
- Avoiding enemy lasers is easiest if you move slowly and smoothly. If it looks like you’re going to get surrounded, try to weave your way in between the enemy lasers to escape.
- If you think your ship moves too slowly or too quickly, adjust the speed in the Options menu.

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