Set in the laboratory of world-renowned rat-scientist Paradox, Schrodinger's Rat combines an experiment in quantum physics with labyrinth-like maze challenges. Working through all the elements of the periodic table, Paradox must discover the ideal path for rescuing all of the rats that have given their lives to science throughout time.

>> 87 unique mazes + 30 additional downloadable mazes = 117 total challenges

>> Confront a wide variety of maze components, both friends & foes, including anti-gravity Quantum Fur Balls, space-shifting Transportals, Gamma Quarks, life-saving Mercury Pools!

>> Establish your own laboratory identity for sharing your progress on Twitter and Facebook

>> Worldwide leaderboards track your laboratory progress against other labs

>> Original soundtrack by Dr. Bartolomeo Cristofori and his 8-bit Calliope Device

See the game trailer and learn more at

Schrodinger’s Rat is a whimsical tribute to the real-world thought experiment “Schrodinger’s Cat” first introduced by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1935. In it, Schrodinger illustrated the issues of quantum mechanics (according to the Copenhagen interpretation) when applied to everyday objects. Using this as the premise, Schrodinger’s Rat introduces concepts of the Periodic Table and all its Elements as a forum for exploring atomic science.


Jason Franzen of FORMation /

SouthPeak Games /

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