Zogma: the Tactical Zombie Survival Game. Making the undead, dead again. Out-survive the rest of the world in this frantic zombie survival simulator.

Zogma places you in charge of a group of survivors doing their best to survive a global zombie outbreak. Use a combination of weapon upgrades, barricades and strategy to survive as long as you can against the never ending undead horde. It’s time to put the undead back in the ground; one shotgun shell at a time.

The end result is a frantic zombie slaying fest that is part tower defence, part shooter.

Slide to Play: 3 / 4 stars, It's an addicting strategic zombie survival game that deserves your attention. It’s a hard deal to pass up.

Key Features:
- Specially balanced gameplay for the beginner to hardcore gamer. Put it in fast-forward mode if your feeling especially brave!
- Addictive strategic puzzler. Before you know it, you'll be saying "just one more game"!
- Zombies! The game is optimised to deliver an unrivalled amount of zombies on screen at any one time.
- Choose your tactics; use a different variety of weapons, upgrades and grenades to survive as long as possible.
- Night day cycle. The passing of the days will be reflected in a genuine night / day cycle. If killings zombies by day seems hard, wait till you try it by torch light! Chuck in some storms for good measure and you're in trouble.
- In game tutorials. Get taught to play the game by the best; a reanimated math teacher.
- Themed Levels. Three separate groups of survivors struggle to survive across the globe. One defends a country farm house, another a ruined hospital and the last group of desperado’s has boarded up a diner. They've got an appetite and you're on the menu!
- Plus+ online gaming community. Be the highest scoring survivor out there, compare your survival statistics against other player's results, challenge your friends and unlock achievements!
- Automatic save game state, return to your game at any stage. Helpful for the die-hard survivalist.
- Monitor the global infection via the Outbreak site, how will your nation fare against the reanimated hordes?

Read the blog and view in-game videos and screen shots at

What are you waiting for? Grab the game and start taking the ‘un’ out of undead!

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