FancyStacker full version was featured in the "what we're playing" section Jul 2009 !

It's the full version of Fancy Staker Lite.
Are you clever enough?

Another Topple this is not. The closest I think it comes to is Stacked. The BIG difference though is that while you are given an ordered set of shapes to drop and balance, the order in which they appear is not necessarily the proper way to complete the level. For instance in one of the earlier levels you get a triangle and then a long plank. But the only way to get them to balance is to get the long plank UNDER the triangle - so you have to drop the triangle from high on the screen, get the plank and quickly drop that one so that the triangle lands on it - reversing the order. Then there is a level with balls rolling down a ramp and a spinny thing at the end. Now to prevent the little balls from falling down you need to get one of the last shapes offered on the spinny thing before all the little balls. So as you can see the game takes quite a bit more planning and manipulation than the other stacking type games.

Reviewed by New England Gamer.
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