Shoot Shoota-Newest top down shmup from Team Dropkick!

In a time far from now, you are the last living pilot from the planet Socea, and an unknown alien race has destroyed all of Socea's lines of defense except for you.

Stop the opposing threat as long as possible before they invade your beloved planet.

-Challenging top down shooter gameplay with retro graphics
-Endless waves of enemies of varying difficulty
-Save your best high score locally
-Switch between two weapons
-Special weapon to help you destroy all enemies onscreen
-Pickup health and special weapon power-ups to help you
-Music from and by K.T.F

Touch and hold the screen to shoot. Use the side buttons to switch between weapons. Whenever an alien invades your planet, your planet loses a life and its life bar goes down. When Socea's life bar is finished, it is game over.

By Team Dropkick 2010

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