Spectralect is a configurable multi-player memory game.

The Play Page
A user is presented with a matrix of differently colored squares to memorize. When ready user clicks "Play", the matrix of colored squares becomes masked with one square highlighted with a question mark on white background, after which a number of colored squares are displayed directly below the matrix. The user chooses the displayed square with the color most likely to have been the color of the highlighted square. If the user chooses correctly on the first try a hit is recorded. No matter which square is selected on the first try an at bat is recorded. Once the user chooses the right colored square the matrix of squares are unmasked and the colors of the matrix appear as before accept that the question mark remains. The highlighted square is selected at random as well as the color of the matrix's cells.

The player's hits per at bats and batting average are displayed at the bottom of the page. If the game has more than one player there is right arrow button preceding the batting average description which, when selected, selects the next player in the game following the currently selected player.

The Game Page
On the game page the user can add or modify games. The default game has a 4 by 4 matrix, a 3-guess selection, and a 30 at bats per game, no name set, and no players selected. The user can modify the default game and, after entering a name, can click on "plus" image to add another game preference. The user can set the following game preference attributes: number of columns from 3 to 6, number of rows from 3 to 6, number of guess buttons from 3 to 5 , and set the number of at bats per game from 6 to 99. A user will not be allowed to save a game preference with a name that is already in use. Clicking on the up or down buttons in the title bar will select the previous or next game preference. The game preference a user has selected in the game page becomes the preference used when the user returns to the play page.

The Pick Players Page
User can add or remove players on the pick players page by clicking on "Pick Players" near the right bottom corner of the game page. To add a player a user clicks on the cell containing the player's name. A check mark next to the player's name indicates that the player is in the game. Added or removed players apply to all game preferences but are not stored to the user default database.

The Players and Player Detail Page
On the player detail page is a table containing the player's statistics under the heading "Stats". For each game preference played by the player the table contains the following cells from top to bottom: a "game" title cell, the name of the game cell, the "highest score" title cell, the highest score details cell, the "last five games" title cell, followed by the last games played detail cells descending from most recent to the least recent. If the game preference is still in existence (has not been deleted) clicking on the name of the game cell will take the user to the game page in view only mode loaded with the game preference's current settings. Clicking on the cell containing the highest score details or any of the last five game details displays the statistics page for that game.

The Statistics Page
At the top is a table view that contains a cell representing each player who played in the game. Each cell in this table displays a player's name, hits per at bats ratio, and batting average. The color of the plot in the graph of a player's game stats is the same as that used to display the player's details in the table view. If any of the plot segments in the graph overlap the resulting color is that of the combined colors of the plots segments.

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