Bathyscape? … that big sonar signal is right in front of you. Over. Craaaasssshhh!
…found it… it´s a… GIANT ATOMIC SUBMARINE!
And plutonium containers all around us.
What?! Over. I say NO GOLD this time! Roger.
But… Plutonium is 15x as expensive as gold! Dig it out…

Holy crap! There's some sort of giant mutilated octopus inside… and it looks upset!!!

The game is inspired by the old Russian game most of us remember from the childhood. It improves the graphics and offers new functions and possibilities.

- creative design
- openfeint (leaderboards, achievements)
- easy and intuitive control
- time inexpensive
- 3 game characters
- many types of death
- addictive gameplay
- memory of childhood

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