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    Leveling Guide by kanijima

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    ||                  The Ultimate Guide to leveling FAST and                  ||
    ||                    blowing through invasions in Zombie                    ||
    ||                                  Farm!!!                                  ||
    ||                                Zombie Farm                                ||
    Written by: kanijima (http://www.playhaven.com/profile/kanijima/)
    Last updated: 2010-12-25 12:24:04
                                   Table of Contents                               
    - Zombie Farm Guide: Tips, Tricks, Secrets from a master. 
    - 1. The ONE cheat/secret that will allow you to level up/invade/harvest
    crops/do anything IMMEDIATELY and over and over again.
    - 2. On Zombies...
    - 3. On Mutations...
    - 4. On Invasions... 
    - 5. On Brains...
    - 6. On gaining gold fast... 
    - 7. On gaining exp fast...
    - 8. Other items, the market, life force, misc. etc.
                Zombie Farm Guide: Tips, Tricks, Secrets from a master.            
    I'm writing this guide because after searching through the internet and picking
    up little bits and pieces about the game, I have yet to see a truly in depth
    guide that tells you exactly what you need to know to completely own this game.
    About me:
    I'm bored on Christmas Day. As of this guide's date, it is Christmas Day 2010,
    I've been playing Zombie Farm for a little over a week now and I'm level 27.
    all my zombies are combined zombies with at least 4 mutations each. I am
    currently fighting ninjas and I have never lost a zombie after Old McDonnell. 
    I'll divide this guide up into several sections, so here's a table of contents
    before we get started:
    1. The ONE cheat/secret that will allow you to level up/invade/harvest crops/do
    anything IMMEDIATELY and over and over again.
    2. On Zombies...
    	a. Types
    	b. Colors/Tiers
    3. On Mutations...
    	a. Face
     i. Carrot
     ii. Broccoli
     iii. Cauliflower
    	b. Head
     i. Onion
     ii. Tomato
     iii. Potato 
     iv. Coffee
     v. Garlic
    	c. Arm
     i. Turnip
     ii. Celery
     iii. Dragon 
    	d. Torso
     i. Lima Bean
     ii. Venus Flytrap
    4. On Invasions...
    5. On Brains...
    6. On Gaining Gold FAST.
    7. On Gaining Experience FAST. 
    8. Other items, the market, life force, misc. etc. 
    With that said, let's get started!
                  1. The ONE cheat/secret that will allow you to level             
              up/invade/harvest crops/do anything IMMEDIATELY and over and         
                                      over again.                                  
    If you've been snooping around the internet or on Youtube, you probably know
    the trick. The trick is to go into your settings on your Iphone and change the
    time. Zombie Farm's time system relies on the Iphone's actual time, so if you
    change the time in your settings app, the game's time will update. Hence, for
    crop harvesting or invasions, all you have to do is move the clock forward 4
    hours, or 2 hours or however many depending on what you're doing and go back to
    the game and voila! Instant crops/zombies/time to invade/hunger I use this to
    harvest Zombies and crops immediately and also to invade over and over again.
    "But won't I be giving up my Iphone's ability to tell time permanently if I use
    Nope. Once crops and zombies are harvested, you can go back and switch to 'set
    time automatically' to go back to the proper time again. Your newly harvested
    zombies won't disappear, I promise.
    Disclaimer: This is a cheat. I use it to harvest zombies immediately and to
    invade over and over again. and i suggest you use it too if you want to
    progress fast at this game. However, if you're one of those gamers that derives
    satisfaction from doing things the right way, and If you want to play the game
    legitimately and wait 4 hours to harvest a zombie and all that jazz be my
    guest. Just don't complain when you've wasted a year of your life on this game
    and you're only at level 10 or something. Or when you've wasted 20 hours of
    your life for 10 invasions and you still haven't gotten a brain yet.
                                    2. On Zombies...                               
    In Zombie Farm, there are 6 types of zombies. Each of the 6 types has another
    type that it complements; meaning that the other type of zombie fights better
    when it is around that zombie. This is because at higher levels, your zombies
    begin to learn passive skills that benefit the other zombie type it is paired
    to. I will explain below:
    a. (Guy/regular) Zombie type
    This is your basic guy zombie. He's balanced in power, speed and life. He
    complements girl zombies. After you fight the lawyers past level 16, he learns
    'chivalry', which is a passive ability that boosts the stats of all girl
    zombies in his presence. 
    b. Girl Zombie type
    Faster attack at the sake of less life and power. She complements regular
    zombies. After you fight the lawyers past level 16, she learns 'grace' which is
    a passive ability that boosts the stats of all guy zombies in her presence. 
    c. Mini Zombie type
    Fastest attacking zombie at an even greater cost of power and life. Harvesting
    time is fast, only 10 minutes. He complements big zombies by allowing them to
    use the mini buddy skill. He can also blow himself up to stun enemies
    d. Headless type
    These have extremely low speed, decent attack power, but MASSIVE amounts of
    life. They have the most life out of any type of zombie, and thus play an
    important role in your army: TO TAKE HITS. combine with lima bean or flytrap
    mutations to really maximize their life! Whenever you invade, you should ALWAYS
    have one or two of these in the very front. Another note about these zombies is
    that you cannot have head or face mutations with them, because they do not have
    heads. (duh.) These are meant to be paired with flower zombies but actually
    complement ALL zombies because of their unique protect ability which ups
    everyone's defense around them. 
    e. Big Zombie Type
    These big guys sacrifice both life and speed compared to regular zombies but
    have MASSIVE power. In my opinion, the trade off isn't worth it as the slow
    attack is a greater detriment than their power makes up for. I don't have a lot
    of these when I invade, but I still use some to utilize the mini buddy ability.
    Use coffee and carrot mutations with these in order to speed them up. These
    complement mini zombies by allowing you to use the mini buddy skill. This skill
    is awesome because it basically allows a mini zombie to hitch a ride on the big
    zombie's back while the big zombie then charges at the enemy instead of its
    usual slow walk. The result of this is that you get to attack fast with two
    zombies immediately for the time it took to attack with one. ALWAYS have a mini
    zombie paired with big zombies to use mini buddy. NEVER walk a big zombie
    toward its enemy by itself. It is slow and will lose a lot of life on its way
    Big zombies also have another ability called bash/smash. The trick is to time
    these and press them in between the gaps when the next enemy is coming up.
    These aren't even really necessary at the higher levels because you do so much
    damage and the enemy dies so fast anyway. 
    f. Flower zombie type
    These play a dual role both in invasions and on the farm. On the farm they
    randomly fertilize your crops making them yield more money. Also, fertilized
    zombies are more likely to take on mutations and never come up lifeless. In
    invasions, they act as healers and support units. ALWAYS have these zombies
    invade LAST. They do not take hits well and are your most valuable zombies in
    the beginning. These complement headless zombies by their skill 'fortitude'
    which ups headless zombies' life/defense when they are around flower zombies.
    After you get to pirates, your flower zombies will be able to ressurrect which
    complements mini zombies explosion skill. You can then use explosion without
    losing your mini zombies! 
    In addition to these 6 types, the zombies are also tiered in terms of general
    stats and overall power. Their tiers are identified by the color of the zombies
    Tier 1: Green Zombies
    These are your basic bread and butter zombies. You start out with them and they
    have low life without any mutations. They can learn one basic ability to
    improve their stats and that's it. Not recommended after your first 3-4
    invasions as they'll be dying pretty often as your opponent gets stronger.
    Tier 2: Blue Zombies
    Higher life, attack and speed. These zombies are where it gets interesting
    because now you can learn your second complementary ability with these zombies
    by beating the lawyers. This is where you can start pairing your zombies off
    into the pairs discussed above. You need 2 brains to buy a blue tombstone to
    start making these but they are necessary for higher level invasions. Blue
    zombies are good enough to last you through lawyers, but just to be on the safe
    side I'd like to have red ones by the time I move to pirates. I don't like
    losing zombies.
    Tier 3: Red Zombies
    Even higher life, attack and speed. A third ability is available to be learned
    through defeating arnold of the pirates. These will be good enough to take on
    pirates through all levels. After you get to ninjas though, you're going to
    need to upgrade... You need 4 brains to buy a red tombstone to start making
    Tier 4: Grey Zombies (Combined Zombies)
    You can't make these until level 25, but the good news is you don't need brains
    to buy a tombstone to make them. All you need is a zombie pot and two zombies
    of the same type to make one. These will last you the rest of the game. Ninjas,
    robots, aliens, no problem, as long as they are hungry and have all the right
    mutations. They have a 4th ability they can learn through defeating the ninjas.
    Upgrade to higher tiered zombies as soon as possible! Use your extra brains to
    get the blue and red tombstones asap! 
    Have a mix of zombies in your invasion but always have them paired accordingly.
    i.e. if you have 2 big zombies, you need to have 2 mini zombies. if you have 3
    guy zombies you should have 3 girl zombies. if you have a flower zombie you
    should have a headless zombie. you get the idea.
                                   3. On Mutations...                              
    Mutations give zombies permanent bonuses to their general stats in either life,
    power, or speed. They are a necessity if you want to be successful in higher
    level invasions as plain zombies just don't cut it anymore. 
    In addition to this, mutations also stack if they are on different parts of the
    body, so you can give a zombie more than one mutation at a time! In general you
    can have up to 4 mutations on a single zombie correlating to the 4 body parts
    you can mutate: face (either eye or hair), head, arm and torso. You cannot have
    two mutations of the same body part. The computer will pick the stronger one
    and give the zombie that mutation.
    Mutations are given after you have purchased the upgrade from the market and
    then planted a zombie next to the corresponding crop that gives the mutation. 
    A few notes:
    1. The crop must not be harvested or withered when you harvest the zombie you
    want mutations from. Because of this, I like to plant my crops at the very end
    when the zombie is about to be harvested.
    2. Mutations are not 100% unless you get the mutation monolith. This is
    something I strongly recommend as it can me time consuming to keep trying for
    certain types of mutations and not getting them. 
    3. Carrot eye and broccoli/cauliflower hair both count as face mutations even
    though they are not technically the same parts. You simply cannot stack carrot
    eye with any hair mutations. 
    a. Face
    i. Carrot: +1 speed
    ii. Broccoli +3 life
    iii. Cauliflower +3 life
    b. Head
    i. Onion +1 life
    ii. Tomato +1 power
    iii. Potato +2 life
    iv. Coffee +2 speed
    v. Garlic +3 power
    c. Arm
    i. Turnip +2 power
    ii. Celery +3 power
    iii. Dragon +4 power
    d. Torso
    i. Lima Bean +3 life
    ii. Venus Flytrap +4 life
    ALWAYS have your zombies stacked with as many mutations as possible as soon as
    mutations are available. You need all the stat boosts you can get for
    invasions. In the beginning, start off with the carrot eyes, turnip arms and
    potato/tomato heads. Later on you can progress to celery arms, lima bean torso,
    garlic/coffee heads and cauliflower hairs, and then finally the dragon and
    flytrap mutations. If a new mutation comes out that makes a previous one
    obsolete, get rid of all your zombies with the old mutation and make new ones.
                                  4. On Invasions...                               
    I've gone around reading a lot about how people are struggling with invasions.
    Personally I think this is kind of amusing because none of my zombies even get
    CLOSE to dying anymore. The main tips to successful and easy invasions are:
    1. Put headless zombies in the front to take hits, flower zombies in the back
    to support and heal.
    2. Get higher tiered zombies as soon as possible
    3. Have all your zombies stacked with the most mutations possible
    4. Have your zombies paired up accordingly
    5. Speed is more important than power. So if you have some spots to fill, use
    girl and mini zombies instead of other types. 
    6. DON'T LOSE ZOMBIES! well, other than your headless ones. But try not to lose
    any period! Your zombies gain veteran and master status after 5 battles and
    have corresponding stat increases. When you lose them, you have to start over
    with a rookie and rebuild their stats by invading. Keep your zombies alive and
    at master status so you get the most stats for your buck. 
    6. Last but not least, always make sure your zombies are hungry before
    invading. This can be taken care of with a simple 8 hour adjustment ahead using
    the time cheat. This drastically improves their wait time so they attack
    faster. In the end it makes the difference between losing and not losing
    For instance, my 16 zombies and the order they invade are as follows:
    First 2: headless zombies
    Next 4: 2 Big & mini zombie paired using mini buddy ability
    Next 8: Guy & girl zombies alternating
    Last 2: Flower zombies 
    Old McDonnell: 
    This one's pretty straight forward. Use the advice above and you will win. 
    A little tougher than Old McDonnell but still the same thing. Transfer over to
    blue zombies as soon as you can and give them all the best mutations. Start
    using a variety of different zombies so that their passive abilities stack and
    help each other. 
    Here's where things get interesting: The pirate boss Arnold will kill one of
    your zombies in one hit! Usually this is your first or second zombie (a
    headless) so you just buy another one, no big deal. However, by your 4th or 5th
    invasion, your flower zombies should have resurrect and you won't be losing ANY
    zombies from that point forward. Your girl zombies should stun occasionally as
    well and if you want, you can use your mini zombies to explode and stun. 
    I found these guys weaker than the pirates simply because I stopped getting
    close to dying. At least Arnold had the possibility of killing me. Mr. Whiskers
    can't touch me. But then again I upgraded to tier 4 zombies at this point so I
    can't really talk. haha. So another interesting feature here is that unlike
    previous bosses, Mr. Whiskers can actually summon carrots to block your
    zombies' paths. These are annoying as you have to tap on them furiously to
    shrink them and make them go away. Other than that it's business as usual. 
    To be discussed as I am not there yet! 
    Tips: In the beginning when you don't have access to other types of zombies or
    pairing skills, the girl and mini zombie are usually the most effective. They
    run and attack fast and usually do the job for the first few invasions. All you
    have to worry about is having your headless zombie take the hits in front.
                                    5. On Brains...                                
    So I've read many posts about people complaining they can't get brains. First
    off, let me start out by saying... DON'T BUY BRAINS and DON'T SCROUNGE FOR
    BRAIN FRAGMENTS. You waste money with the former, you waste a ton of time with
    the latter. Over the course of my week of playing, I've gathered probably over
    50+ brains. This was enough to buy the red and blue tombstones, the mutation
    monolith, 3 levels of the mausoleum and a ton of other useless decor items that
    gave me experience and life force. Other than that you don't really need the
    brains for anything else! 
    The secret to getting brains is through invasions. When you are first invade a
    new opponent, your chances of earning a brain are always excellent. Then, as
    you level up, the chances of earning a brain from that enemy grow worse and
    worse until you're high enough level to fight a stronger enemy. Then when you
    fight the stronger enemy, your chances of earning a brain are again excellent. 
    Thus, the trick to earning brains quickly and easily is to use the time cheat
    and invade over and over again when you are stuck at the level earning a brain
    is excellent. Just don't gain experience! From my experience, I earn a brain
    once every 7-8 invasions at this pace and I just invade a ton! 
    Another way to earn an extra brain is to have a few friends on facebook that
    play zombie farm. When you add these friends, your chances of getting a free
    brain on your daily prize increase. I added just two friends and I was suddenly
    getting brains on my daily prize. Brains should not be an issue for anyone
    using the time cheat to invade over and over again.
                              6. On gaining gold fast...                           
    There's only one word to it really: INVADE INVADE INVADE!!! Use and abuse the
    time cheat to invade over and over again and you'll have a ton of gold in no
                               7. On gaining exp fast...                           
    I've read a lot of sources suggesting harvesting and plowing land for exp, but
    the truth is this is a terribly slow process once you get to higher levels. At
    level 25 it becomes downright ridiculous. The fastest way is to buy it through
    the market. Save up money and brains to upgrade your shack and mausoleum. You
    get massive experience each time you upgrade one of these. In addition to this
    you can buy trees or decor items that offer 500 exp per brain or 1exp per 1000
    gold. The pond and the log cabin are good picks to get big chunks of experience
    as well as the decor items that cost a brain each. At higher levels you'll
    realize you're just invading to get gold and brains so you can buy experience.
    Once you get to level 25 however... a secret to gaining experience opens up...
    So a beautiful item becomes available at level 25, and that item IS.... the
    ZOMBIE POT!!! Yes this beautiful item allows you to combine zombies to create
    your tier 4 zombies, BUT more importantly, it's worth 500exp and only costs
    6000g! So what do you do? Buy it. Sell it. Buy it. Sell it. Buy it. Sell it.
    Until you run out of money. Then you go invade and get a bunch of money and
    rinse and repeat!
                   8. Other items, the market, life force, misc. etc.              
    So I'm using this section to talk about whatever else I didn't talk about that
    others might feel is important
    Life force is an arbitrary number that increases with the more trees/decor
    items you have on your farm. It affects the probability that your zombies will
    come out alive when harvested. Pretty self explanatory.
    Harvesting becomes completely obsolete if you play the game the way this guide
    tells you to. Everything you need is done through invading and beefing up your
    zombies. Your sole reason for harvesting any crops is to act as mutations for
    your zombies and maybe to complete your quests. That's it. 
    The Mausoleum is a place to store your zombies you don't need, whether it be
    for invading or just in general. Personally, i'm not a very sentimental guy, I
    just sell my zombies when I can make better ones. I don't store anything in
    here. I upgrade this thing to get the experience, that's it. Also, the key is
    found through invasions and obtaining rusty fragments. Once you have 3 rusty
    fragments you can make the key to open the Mausoleum. 
    If anyone else has any questions or feels I should add anything to this section
    or this guide in general, please email me @ striderdoom@hotmail.com
    This guide was created at http://www.playhaven.com/.  See the full guide here:

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