-- Requires GPS --

Who got the fastest iPhone in the world?

Turn on Accelerate, select your current vehicle and fire away!

For each vehicle there is a leaderboard which holds your highest speed acquired. This way you can share your top speeds with your friends and see your personal best, compared to all other iPhone users around the world.

On top of all those leader boards, we have "Fastest iPhone in the World" leader board, which accumulates your points!

And as an extra feature, we have achievements for reaching different speeds with different vehicles!

What if you use Km/h or Mph? No worries. We store Km/h and Mph in the same scoreboard and compare them with some magic. This way everything "just works" and you can compete with people all over the world!

Oh, and if you want to listen to your own music while the app is on, it just works.

So Buy Accelerate right away and share your top speeds with your friends! Let's see if iPhone 3Gs really is faster than the 3G ;)

- - - - -


Q: – My score looks weird under “Fastest iPhone In The World!”
A: – On this leaderboard you get 100 points for each meter per second from your other scores. Quite simple, but maybe hard to see if you don’t know about it.

Q: – I have found some scores which look weirdly high, I think they are cheating.
A: – Sadly we can’t ensure if someone is cheating or not, so there is nothing we can do about this. But you can still keep your own speed-records and compare it too your friends :)

Q: – I have cheated and want my score resetted :$
A: – Contact me by registering here on my site or on Facebook using the link to the right and we’ll solve it. Don’t worry, I won’t sue you ;)

- - - - -

Disclamer: We don't take any responsibility of any accidents related with this application. Please always think of your safety and the people around you (and your iPhone ofcourse).

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