In order to stay competitive at work, in school, business, virtually in any creative activity and every aspect of our lives we need to be mentally keen, sharp, and inventive. These days we also need to be able to quickly grasp new ideas, changes and challenges, digest them, analyze, then prioritize tasks, and find the best solutions to achieve productive results in our personal or professional lives.

Systematic and gradual mental exercises help us develop desired abilities and skills. We go to the gym, jog around our neighborhood, work out and swim in local fitness clubs to stay fit and healthy, but do we exercise our brain enough? Even if we do, how often? Our brain as our body needs daily exercises. Puzzles and brain teasers while entertaining serve this purpose well.

This app is not just a mere collection of similar and dull puzzles that quickly become boring. This app offers puzzles and brain teasers with fascinating story lines that intrigue and entertain us. Ordinary facts, events and issues taken from real life are presented from a new and unexpected angle. They are built into the puzzles to excite the imagination, sharpen attention, provoke interest, and tease your brain. These puzzles will make you think hard, analyze, and help you find the necessary logicality in your reasonings. The puzzles will boost your mental abilities and help you become more inventive and creative. Most answers in the puzzles can be found only once one starts thinking outside of the box. However, all puzzles are expressed in an easy form, well within the reach of people of all ages. No special knowledge is required to solve them.

KEIKI is the name of the main character of our app. He is always challenged to accomplish a wide variety of Missions. Every Mission consists of a number of Assignments. They are so tough for him to solve on his own that he is deeply PUZZLED and awaits your help. Your goal is to assist him in finding the best solution to accomplish every Assignment.

Advice: Try to solve everything on your own. Your resourcefulness and persistence will help you succeed and find the way out of difficult situations.

This app has 4 Missions that in total contains 10 Assignments. You will also get more Assignments that come with future updates. They are currently under development. We will be releasing one at a time as they become ready.

Please contact us at regarding any bugs or issues with the app before leaving a review. You may also contact us with any other questions or suggestions.


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