"I want to play that game, that was played with a friend in a childhood…"
This game is it for all people who think so.

The good old game that was played in a school and a house, was possessed the sense of quality of adult!

The refined design which can be play at anywhere in slight time!

Because a screen is not noisy, you can play for a long time and you are not ashamed by this design, if screen is seen.

Because this game can play to four people by just one iPhone, you can spend friends and happy time.

+ Feature

1. 3 difficulty play screen design:
"Black board", "Note book", "White board".

2. Players: 1 to 4.

3. A good design with the sense of quality.

+ How to play

1. Tap PLAY button.

2. Set PLAYERS and NUMBER OF BLOCKS to connect cube on SETTING screen, and tap START button.

3. When you tap and drag on the screen, cross line is appeared and moved.
Cross line will be changed in 2 colors.
Yellow line : You can put a box.
Red line : You can't put a box, but can cancel.

4. The player can win by connecting numerical boxes quickly that was set in SETTING screen.

5. You can change the play screen in 3 board's designs from OPTION screen.

+ Support
Twitter: @PolygonMagicApp

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