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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MushuPork222

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/09/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                       -The Lost Memories-
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    Written By:           Mushupork222
    Version:              1.0
    Original Post Date:   7-9-2010
    ~ Copyright 2010 Mushupork222/S.A. ~ 
    Table of Contents
    **If you want to find a specific place in this walkthrough, press Ctrl+F and
    copy the code listed below.**
    I. Version History
    II. Introduction
    III. Basics
         1. Lu, the Paladin..........................(LU1)
         2. Ecne, the Shooter........................(EC8)
         3. Morpice, the Magician....................(MO5)
         4. Daza, the Warrior........................(DA3)
         5. Mining...................................(BW6)
             a. The Mining Glitch....................(MQ2)
         6. Combining/Refining.......................(CR2)
         7. PvP......................................(PP7)
         8. Tips and Tricks..........................(PI0)
    IV. Walkthrough
         1.  Deva Castle.............................(DC4)
         2.  Town of Iris............................(TI9)
         3.  Frosty Dungeon..........................(FD3)
         4.  Laka Ruins..............................(LR0)
         5.  Golden Temple...........................(GT5)
         6.  Town of Iris, Revisited.................(TT2)
         7.  Town of Barpore.........................(BT8)
         8.  Barpore Dungeon.........................(BD4)
         9.  Teradore Area...........................(AT3)
         10. Crusis Volcano..........................(CV6)
         11. Deva Castle, Revisited..................(DR2)
         12. Revival Dungeon.........................(RD1)
         13. Town of Iris, Revisited 2...............(IR4)
         14. Coelraum................................(CM0)
         15. Demon King's Castle.....................(DK7)
    V. Contact......................................(FY3)
    VI. Legal.......................................(LS2)
    VII. Credits....................................(BBQ)
    I. Version History
    Version 1.0 - First submission. Walkthrough is complete, information regarding
    the classes and Combining section still under construction.
    II. Introduction
    Zenonia 2 is (quite obviously) the sequel to the revolutionary Zenonia,
    released last year for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Zenonia 2 was made public for
    purchase in the Appstore on 3/29/10, and the events of the game follow many
    years after the culmination of it's predecessor. This walkthrough is designed
    to help you through the multitude of dungeons in the game, and to give 
    strategies on how to defeat each boss. If you have any questions, comments, or
    suggestions, or if you find any errors in this guide, my contact information 
    can be found at the end of the guide.
    III. Basics
    Zenonia 2, unlike its counterpart Zenonia, gives players a selection of four
    different playable characters. They include Lu, the Paladin; Ecne, the Shooter;
    Morpice, the Magician; and Daza, the Warrior.
    Lu, the Paladin (LU1)
    Recommended Stat Distribution:
    +3 Str; or +2 Str, +1 Con
    -Has many defensive skills (Healing & Defense buffs) that make him nearly 
     impossible to kill
    -Contains a wide array of offensive attacks which inflict different ailments
    -Deals less damage than other classes
    -Being the slower of the melee classes, it is easy to get trapped by enemies
    Lu's Skill Trees
    |Active Tree:                                                     |
    |                                                                 |
    |1   Double Attack      |  Cure Light        |                    |
    |                       |       |            |                    |
    |10  Power of Sacrifice |  Shield Charge     |                    |
    |                       |       |            |                    |
    |20  Cry of Crusader    |  Shield Blast      | Sacred Blessing    |
    |          |            |                    |        |           |
    |30  Shield of God      |  Light of Guardian | Aura of Paladin    |
    |                       |       |            |                    |
    |40                     |  Sword of Heaven   |                    |
    |Passive Tree:                                       |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Patience                 Sacred Mind            |
    |                                                    |
    |10  Concentration            Sacred Power           |
    |                                                    |
    |20  Grace of God             Sacred Armor           |
    |                                                    |
    |30  Awakening                Almighty Strength      |
    Lu very closely relates to Zenonia's Paladin class (and rightfully so), both
    in abilities and play style. Cure Light, and more notably Sacred Blessing are
    again very handy tools to have handy, and when paired with a powerful Shield
    of God can make Lu essentially indestructible. Although ultimately his damage
    potential pales in comparison to the other characters, he does have skills to
    supplement his defensive capabilities, unlike his Zenonia 1 counterpart.
    Ecne, the Shooter (EC8)
    Recommended Stat Distribution:
    +3 Dex
    -Can attack from the furthest distance
    -Has very high evade, and (towards the end of the game) 100% criticals
    -Very low defense & very low health
    -Ultimately inferior burst damage to the other ranged character Morpice
    Ecne's Skill Trees:
    |Active Tree:                                                     |
    |                                                                 |
    |1   Gun Hawk           |  Flame Thrower     |                    |
    |                       |       |            |                    |
    |10  Seize Opportunity  |  Destruction       | Rising Shot        |
    |       |               |                    |      |             |
    |20  Evasion            |                    | Blinding Fire      |
    |                       |                    |      |             |
    |30  Aimed Fire         | Acute Marksmanship | Temptation         |
    |                       |        |           |                    |
    |40                     |  Poison Rain       |                    |
    |Passive Tree:                                       |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Shock Fire               Thick Leather          |
    |                                                    |
    |10  Enchanted Defense        Combat Ability         |
    |                                                    |
    |20  Precision Fire           Swift Gunner           |
    |                                                    |
    |30  Wind Movement            Fatal Polishing        |
    Ecne is a difficult character to get started, as she doesn't have too much 
    stopping power, nor enough health to take hits at low levels. That changes, 
    however, when she gets insane evade to dodge attacks entirely, and high 
    critical/knock back to keep enemies away. Her damage isn't ever particularly 
    low, either, so she becomes a true force to be reckoned with as time goes on.
    Morpice, the Magician (MO5)
    Recommended Stat Distribution:
    +3 Int
    -Possesses large Area of Effect (AoE) spells
    -Has a large pool of SP, and recharges it quickly
    -Like Ecne, he can't take damage well, and must use SP to offset it
    -Very unforgiving class: one wrong move can result in immediate death
    Morpice's Skill Trees:
    |Active Tree:                                                     |
    |                                                                 |
    |1   Vision Shock       |  Summon Tornado    |                    |
    |                       |        |           |                    |
    |10                     |  Steam Protection  | Ice Tornado        |
    |                       |                    |      |             |
    |20  Flame Storm        |  Summon Golem      | Frog Mutation      |
    |         |             |        |           |                    |
    |30 Power of Negativity |  Spirit Link       | Steam Suppression  |
    |                       |        |           |                    |
    |40                     |  Thunderstorm      |                    |
    |Passive Tree:                                       |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Mental Training          Cloak of Refraction    |
    |                                                    |
    |10  Mental Protection        Sacred Mentality       |
    |                                                    |
    |20  Steam Injection          Calmness               |
    |                                                    |
    |30  Mental Concentration     Mysterious Enchantment |
    Morpice is an interesting character. While Ecne still vaguely resembles 
    Zenonia's Assassin class, Morpice is something new entirely. He relies entirely
    on magic, and can even summon a golem to fight for him, upon other devastating
    spells. Like the other ranged class, Morpice is somewhat difficult to get off
    the ground, but when you get the ability to absorb damage with SP, and when 
    your skills are powerful enough to pulverize enemies in a matter of seconds, 
    he's an absolute beast of a character. Though beastly in his own right, he
    doesn't quite compare to the next character.
    Daza, the Warrior (DA3)
    Recommended Stat Distribution:
    +3 Str
    -Quick, and tremendously powerful
    -Can fly across the battlefield with skills, eradicating everything on the way
    -Because of his berserk nature, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed
    -Has a quick-depleting health supply, and no easy way to heal effectively
    Daza's Skill Trees
    |Active Tree:                                                     |
    |                                                                 |
    |1   Dragon Cut         |                    |  Cry of Beast      |
    |         |             |                    |        |           |
    |10  Phoenix Smash      |  Knuckle Boom      |Spirit of Solidarity|
    |         |             |                    |                    |
    |20  Hyper Flying Kick  |Nature's Protection |                    |
    |                       |       |            |                    |
    |30 Nature's Swiftness  |  Berserka          | Energy Damage      |
    |                       |       |            |                    |
    |40                     |  Incarnation Tree  |                    |
    |Passive Tree:                                       |
    |                                                    |
    |1   Outrage of Beast         Resistance of Prisoner |
    |                                                    |
    |10  Brutality of Beast       Nature of Beast        |
    |                                                    |
    |20  Leather of Wild Animal   Soldier Reflex         |
    |                                                    |
    |30  Survival Instinct        Power of Blood         |
    Daza can be most easily described as a reckless Lu. He moves faster, hits 
    harder, but doesn't have the stability the Paladin does. Use his speed wisely,
    he's the king of the hit & run tactic, especially with Phoenix Smash. Whether
    it's against a human, monster, or boss, Daza has an adequate toolkit. The 
    interesting thing about Daza is that he can use some of his health for skills,
    rather than SP, making him a dangerous, slightly vulnerable killing machine.
    Mining (BW6)
    All across Andra, you will see large glowing rock outcroppings. With a mining
    hoe, you can reap the contents of those rocks. They come in three varieties:
    Blue, Purple, and Black, and each have a chance of yielding nothing, a small
    quantity of gold, or one of a predetermined list of materials, like Iron, 
    Copper, or Mithril.
    "What's the use of this?" One might ask. Well, in order to create some truly
    powerful weapons, you'll need raw materials only found in mining rocks, which
    you then use to combine your equipment. Make use of these trusty rocks when
    they come; the equipment you can get is often much better than your current
    Normally, you can only strike a rock eleven times before it runs dry. However,
    you can offset this by making use of
    The Mining Glitch (MQ2)
    Ever get tired of running from rock to rock, never finding the materials you
    need? Well look no further!
    The mining glitch concept is quite simple: Since a rock can only be struck 11
    times before it runs dry, all you have to do is take ten whacks at the rock, 
    before taking a step back, and returning to what the game thinks to be a fresh
    Simply put: Hit a rock ten times, back away, and repeat.
    This glitch allows you to mine the same (sometimes valuable) rock indefinitely.
    It helps particularly with speeding up the completion of quests, and also with
    the gathering of materials like Mithril and Adaman necessary for combining.
    Combining/Refining (CR2)
    Combining in Zenonia 2 is far different from Zenonia, so throw all prior 
    knowledge you may have out the window. The idea behind combining is simple. All
    you have to do is find a recipe for your item (dropped by monsters), gather the
    necessary ingredients, and hit COMBINE at your local blacksmith.
    The use in combining comes all throughout the game. Weaponry, armor, and 
    accessories made through combining are FAR superior to their counterparts of
    an equal level. Don't get too absolutely caught up in combining everything you
    see, though. As you work through the game, even a great combined helmet will be
    outdone by another ten levels later. My advice: Take combined items if they're
    easily obtained; otherwise, don't waste your breath. Unless it's Absolute gear.
    If you're familiar with the enchantment process of many MMO games, you will
    find that refining in Zenonia 2 is quite similar. Go to your blacksmith, select
    the item you wish to refine, add a refining supplement for increased odds, and
    hit REFINE. Bear in mind that your equipment MUST be of magic quality or 
    higher in order for you to select it in the first place.
    Refined items will have a number next to their name, indicated, for example 
    with a (1) if you've refined the item once. The more you refine an item, the
    better it's attributes. Both the primary stat (attack for weapons, defense for
    armor) and any magic properties will increase with each refinement.
    My advice: Don't waste your breath with refining until you're well into the 
    game. Just as with combining (except worse), your equipment gets dated fast 
    until you reach the maximum level. Do use Deluxe Refining Elixirs when 
    bettering your equipment, as success rates get disgustingly low very quickly.
    PvP: Player Vs. Player  (PP7)
    New to the Zenonia series is Player vs. Player combat, or PvP. For this game,
    however, that's a bit of a misnomer, but I'll get to that in a little.
    In order to begin PvPing, visit your town's Arena Official, and register your
    name. This name is what shows up under your PvP record, what your opponents see
    when they battle your character, and how you align yourself with groups. All in
    all, it's a vital part of everything you do. Once you've registered, you can
    either battle one of your friends by entering their name into the Search 
    Opponent tab, or have the game find you a random opponent in Quick Battle.
    Your rank is only affected in Quick Battles.
    So, why isn't this really Player vs. Player? The way this system works is that
    the Gamevil server downloads your character's information, including stats,
    gear, and even assigned skills into one big heap. When you hit Quick Battle,
    an opponent's data of similar level is pulled out of the pile, and a computer
    controlled opponent (AI) duels with you.
    Groups, or more commonly referred to as Clans or Guilds, are a way for several
    different players to merge their rank points together, and compete, as the 
    name says, in groups. Every player registered under the same Group name will
    have their rank points thrown into that pool. Once you register for a group, 
    there's no turning back, so be careful.
    Death Notes
    Death notes are used for quickly fighting an opponent you lost to. If you 
    believe you should have won, assign a death note to that character, and you
    can choose to fight them again at any given time. You can only assign three 
    death notes at any given time.
    Tips & Tricks (PI0)
    -Use the monsters in your current area as a rigid guide as to how strong you
    should be, if not stronger. Most bosses will be at least 5 levels higher than
    the strongest enemy in their dungeon.
    -Set every town you visit for the first time as a return point. Simply talk
    to the Portal Guide to change your return town. Additionally, be sure to keep
    Teleport Scrolls on you at all times, or better yet, Two-Way Scrolls.
    -Two-Way Scrolls are an addition to Zenonia that function similar to Diablo's
    Town Portal scrolls. When you use a Two-Way, you are taken back to your return
    town, with a large, demonic portal right in the middle. Use them to bail 
    yourself out of a dungeon when your equipment is breaking, if you run out of 
    food, or if you cannot heal yourself. When you're ready to continue through
    the dungeon, return to your original spot through the portal.
    -Combine as often as you can, but don't go far out of your way to make any one
    piece of equipment. Don't refine until very late in the game.
    -Use the weapon/armor store on very, very rare occasions. Their wares are 
    expensive, and probably inferior to anything you can find from monsters.
    -The Mining Glitch. Use it. Love it. Code: (MQ2)
    -When training for extended periods of time, dump a couple points into Fairy's
    Experience buff. There are guaranteed at least three points in passive skills 
    that you can do without, and when coupled with a Nectarine, the combination
    can help you jump up levels quickly.
    -Elixirs of Stamina are indispensable staples to any character's arsenal. At
    400 gold a pop (buying in bulk), you can spam your skills to no end for almost
    no cost. Think about it: it only takes two enemies to recoup your investment 
    in a potion. And how many enemies can you kill with a full bar of stamina? 
    Lots, I'm sure.
    -Once you get a fair distance into the game, Origins of Life are ALWAYS the 
    better choice of revival. The price of repairing your equipment, on top of the
    5% penalty to cash will be far greater than the 2000 gold Origin. Make sure
    you have a healthy supply of them, in case your resolve goes south.
    IV. Walkthrough
    Without further ado, here's the walkthrough for Zenonia 2. This guide explains
    where every story progression event happens, and how to solve the puzzles in 
    the game's several dungeons. This guide does NOT include a full quest list,
    however that is planned for a future update. Again, if you need to find a 
    certain place in this guide, use the keys located in the Table of Contents.
    Although there are four distinct characters to choose, they all follow a near-
    identical storyline. The only difference lies in the opening scene. After 
    choosing your character, you'll be treated to the opening scene, and then...
    Thrown in prison.
    Basement Prison
    After gaining control of your character, you're separated from your new
    friends, and left to escape the dungeon alone. Take the time now to familiarize
    yourself with the controls, which, for the moment, consists of moving and 
    attacking. Dispatch the guards in this room, and continue out the north exit.
    Use this room to train a little bit, but be careful about sustaining damage. At
    this point, your character probably won't have much ability to heal. That being
    said, there is a safe spot in the skinny passage south of the main chamber.
    For ranged characters, use the little moat there to kill your enemies without
    being touched yourself. When you feel adequately trained, proceed left, through
    that door.
    Make your way through this room any way you wish, eventually exiting out the
    northern, shiny door. Watch the cutscene, and you'll be dumped in Deva Castle.
    Deva Castle (DC4)
    Your first order of business after the cutscene is to find Karen at the town's 
    square. He is indicated by the big, golden "?" on your minimap, so go there and
    progress the story.
    While waiting for your friends, you'll be given an order of iron to deliver to
    the blacksmith. You'll be over your weight limit, and therefore you'll walk
    much slower. Trudge over to the blacksmith, it's south of Karen, so head that 
    way and turn left, up the staircase. The blacksmith is the first building on 
    the left. Talk to Lindaman, and you'll be given the job of getting him more 
    iron for his supply shipment.
    Take the time now to familiarize yourself with the town, and gather quests from
    the townspeople (available quests are indicated as golden "!'s," quests in 
    progress are grayed out "?'s," and completed quests are identified by a golden
    "?"). When you're ready, head out the right side of Deva, and into Deva Woods.
    Deva Woods
      -Water of Power
    As Lindaman said, you're looking for iron in crystal deposits. Mining will 
    become a vital part of upgrading your equipment later, and this is basically
    your tutorial. In the Deva Woods Entrance, you'll see a shiny blue rock with
    different colors on it (Kind of like a Christmas Tree, except it's a rock) 
    located right in the top middle of the map. Run over to the right side of the
    map, and double back on the other route. Press the action button next to the 
    rock to start mining. Use the Mining Glitch (Located at the quick jump code 
    MQ2), and you can amass your iron very quickly. Return to Lindaman when
    you're finished.
    He will tell you to see Amos, so visit him at his shiny ? at the far north end
    of town. Your next test is to hunt Mukakas in Deva Woods, so gather more
    quests around town if you wish, and head back out to Deva Woods. Proceed right
    through the next couple maps, and start killing Mukakas when you've reached 
    West Deva Woods. Either walk back, or use a teleport/two way scroll when you've
    hunted the Mukakas. I wouldn't advise using teleport scrolls this early in the
    game, as they're quite expensive at the moment.
    Either way, Amos will have another task for you in Deva Castle, in the most
    northern building in town. Talk to him, and you'll be told to seek out Monica,
    in the Town of Iris.
    Iris is a fair distance away, so make sure you have enough potions and 
    equipment to make it through. Head out to Deva Woods, and proceed through the
    relatively linear trail to Iris. Once you reach East Deva Woods, you'll see 
    Monica surrounded by Limes. After the scene, you'll be asked to transport 
    Monica back to Iris. Ignore the northern exit (although you will visit later),
    and proceed right into the Town of Fairies.
    Town of Iris (TI9)
    First things first, be sure to set your return point & fix up your equipment.
    Meet Monica in  her house at the far northwest end of the town. You'll reunite
    with your friends, get a little briefing on Fairies, then be told to help a 
    lost one, Lepe. Head out the west side of Iris, and into that northern passage
    you skipped earlier.
    You'll see Lepe surrounded by Lizardmen, so dispatch them and talk to the
    fairy. Walk back to Iris, and talk to Monica again. After learning about the
    Holy Night, you'll be asked to examine the northern snowy region.
    Strangely enough, the Snowflower Herbs you're looking for are found by mining.
    Climb to the top-right of the map, and begin mining there (There is only one 
    Lizardman to worry about there). When you've gotten your five Herbs, return to
    Monica. Watch the cutscene, and proceed north once again.
    The path to your mission is completely linear: just follow it & kill the 
    monsters in your way. At the Highlands Entrance, open the chest for a HUGE 
    BONE, and show it to Monica back at Iris. After you get your next task, be 
    sure you have a Two-Way portal before you leave, it'll save you a great deal of
    walking in a little bit. Take off once more for North Iris.
    Proceed all the way up the mountain this time, and enter the crystalline cavern
    at the end of the road. Take note that you only have to go through two of the
    tunnels, before climbing the wall into the next area.
    You'll figure out how to open the icy door, so proceed through and watch the
    cutscene. Don't proceed through the dungeon yet; you still have to report to
    Monica one more time. Use a two-way scroll to return to Iris this time. Talk
    to Monica, then prepare yourself for a dungeon. Bring food, potions, and some
    repair hammers, then jump back through your portal.
    Frosty Dungeon (FD3)
      -Water of Life
      -Water of Light
    You'll notice a few things as you walk in. First, there's a large crystal 
    stalactite border on the top of the screen, and that doesn't go away. Second,
    you'll notice that you walk much slower on dark ice.
    **TIP** In order to stop yourself from moving terribly slow on the ice, take 
    one step in the direction of your choice, let your character slide a tile, then 
    continue moving; this time at normal speed. It only works once per direction,
    but this method can, and does save your life. **TIP**
    The only way you can move from here is north, so go up that entryway. Snake
    around this next corridor, climbing the stairs and running around the right
    side of the map. Don't bother pushing any of the stone blocks, simply break the
    ice, and walk around it. If you're short on healing items/food, don't hesitate
    to break ice cubes throughout the dungeon. Go down the stairs, and left into 
    the next area.
    Use the climbable walls in this area only to escape danger (as the signs say),
    as they don't yield much other benefit. Proceed north into the next area. Go
    up the stairs you see immediately upon entering, and descend the staircase 
    further north. Run under the bridge, then to your right, and finally out the 
    door to the right. Run as far right as you can in this corridor, and finally 
    turn north at the end of the hallway.
    Make your way as far north as you can, passing the checkered box maze. Break
    the ice blocks you have access to, then push the open stone left. Go right into
    the next area. You'll come across a stranger in this area, then be given free
    reign again. Climb the stairs, and train on the Shatis and Mermen if you're 
    underlevelled. Mine some mithril here if you took the blacksmith's quest, then
    head up the staircase, around the bend, and down the next. Exit out the south
    You're almost done! Proceed down, pass the block puzzle (break the ice, push
    the first block to the side, then push the bottom one down a tile), and begin
    heading right. Train in this wide space if needed, then exit right.
    Stay south here, fighting the enemies on your way to the next room. Run along 
    the bottom of this room, too, smashing ice until you reach a TWO WAY PORTAL at 
    the end. Backtrack to the previous room, and head north at the beginning fork.
    Go up that staircase, through the block puzzle, and down that southern 
    staircase. Run right, and turn north up another staircase. Proceed down and
    to the right into the last area.
    Go down the stairs here, and under the bridge. Run up these stairs, and turn
    south at the fork. At the end of this walkway, get yourself ready for your
    first true boss, and walk across the bridge.
    |Boss Info: Lex|
        |Recommended Level: 20|
    So, here's your first taste of a boss. Lex is a giant ice dragon with a couple
    powerful attacks. Before you can hurt the beast, though, you must first wait
    for him to lower his head. He does this after using one of his attacks, which
    I'll explain now.
    Lex's primary attack is a headbutt, which he does every time you stand directly
    in his line of fire. It's also what makes him put his head down, so I'll get to
    how to deal with that in a second. His second attack consists of Lex slamming 
    the ground (pushing you backwards), and dropping ice chunks from the ceiling
    (Like the Ice Ghost's attack earlier in the dungeon). This attack is easy 
    enough to dodge, just distance yourself from the black shadows on the ground.
    His last attack is both his most powerful and his least accurate. He breathes
    ice on the front of the battlefield, slowing (and probably killing) you if you
    come too close. This can be avoided the same way as his headbutt attack.
    This fight is very much a wash, rinse, repeat one. Lex will probably start the 
    fight with a headbutt, so stay either slightly right or slightly left, and 
    hit him with a few skills while he's vulnerable. When he puts his head up, 
    strafe back and forth, taking note of Lex's head positioning. Run straight 
    across the battlefield and lure his headbutt attack, then strike while he
    recuperates. After getting one or two skills in, repeat the pattern. Be careful
    about standing too close to Lex, though, both his headbutt and ice breath hit
    multiple times at close range.
    **TIP** If you go too long without attacking a boss (This goes for all bosses 
    in the game, not just Lex), he/she/it will begin to heal at an insultingly fast
    rate. If you do need to heal, make sure you don't take your time.**TIP**
    Examine the Gem after defeating Lex, and watch the scene. Teleport back to Iris
    and visit Monica. You'll learn that your friends were taken to safety, and 
    deposited at the Inn to rest. Go to the second floor of the Inn when you're
    ready to progress.
    After the brief scene, it'll be time to go detective and find who stole the 
    Gem. Talk to the Weapons merchant, and the rest of the investigation will 
    follow. You'll be directed at the suspicious house on the east side of town, so
    go just northeast of the Portal Guide, up the stairs, and into Terry's House.
    Talk to Lindaman, and watch the scene.
    You'll be dumped in Deva Woods, but having caught the thief, return to Iris 
    either by teleport or foot, and speak with Monica. This scene will lead to an
    orc attack on all sides of the city. Your character will be given the task of
    guarding the southern gate, so hunt your 15 orcs there and return to Monica's.
    You'll then be told to find the man from the Laka Ruins, so head back to 
    Terry's house (Where you had talked to Lindaman earlier), and speak with Terry.
    Laka Ruins (LR0)
    Terry needs the Golden Book to help you find the Golden Temple, so you'll be
    sent south to the Ruins. A majority of this trip is linear, so bring along your
    two way/teleport scrolls and head out south. Trudge along the water in the 
    first map, then go straight south, out of the grassy Iris area. Remain south
    until you hit the North Laka Ruins. Keep proceeding the only way you can until
    you reach the Central Laka Ruins. Keep moving west until you reach the next 
    Retrieve the GOLDEN BOOK from a chest in the bottom left region of the map,
    obscured slightly by trees. A brief scene will ensue, after which you can 
    either walk or teleport back to Iris.
    Return to Terry's house, and speak with him to learn the whereabouts of the 
    Golden Temple. After the scene, stock up on equipment, healing items & food 
    (BE SURE TO BRING A TELEPORT SCROLL), then fight your way back through South 
    Iris. Instead of going all the way west to where you found the book, take a 
    right turn at Central Laka Ruin, and exit out the bottom right of the map.
    You'll immediately notice a question mark on your minimap which, after further
    examination, will grant you entry to the dungeon. *NOTE* It does not have to
    be two o'clock in the game like Terry had said when you try examining the 
    Strange Equipment; your character will wait until the designated time
    Golden Temple (GT5)
      -Water of Dimension
      -Water of Enchantment
      -Water of Power
    The first room of this dungeon is a long, straight chamber teeming with Grave
    Robber Spirits and Tricksters. Be wary of these enemies, as they can both
    paralyze and stun you, and deal moderate damage. Fight them for experience if
    you wish, then proceed north into the next room.
    After reaching the northern end of this room, note the holes on the floor to
    your right. Those are a trap, and deal 500 damage each time one is stepped on.
    Do not fear, though. Head left as far as you can, then down slightly to a 
    stone block. Push it straight down onto a dark tile, which will reveal the
    safe path across.
    [x] = Spike trap
    [ ] = Walkable path
    [ ][ ][ ][X]
    [X][X][ ][X]
    [X][X][ ][ ]
    Proceed south, and mine if you wish (Take the time now to amass a lot of 
    mithril. It helps you make a lot of higher level gear and doesn't come too
    often in other places). When you reach the sliding block puzzle, simply push
    the middle stone down until you can move right into the next area.
    Run up the stairs immediately north of your starting position, and head as far
    right as you can to receive an EXAMINE SCROLL. Return down the stairs, and 
    run right until you see another passage. Proceed through it and be treated to
    a cutscene.
    The scene introduces you to the puzzle portion of this dungeon. The doors you
    walk through take you to different parts of the dungeon, in a seemingly random
    pattern. Begin by walking through the right door, then the right door again 
    (yes, two squares up from where you appear), then the only door you see. In
    this room, there is a block which you can push onto the darkened tile. This
    reveals a block in another room. Return through the right door three times 
    where you will end up in the room where you created the stone earlier.
    Push that stone onto the tile, and you'll remove the pillar blocking your way 
    across. Wait until the moving platform comes, and hop on. Grab the chest on 
    the other side for a TIGER BALL, and exit out to your right.
    You'll be introduced to new enemies, so train a little if you wish before 
    crossing the thin bridge to your right. Proceed the only way you can in these
    next rooms: north through the first, then west out the second. In this room,
    run left until you hit a north/south fork. First, though, run down the skinny
    path on the far left, and find a TIGER BALL in the concealed chest. Head south
    down the fork, prepare yourself for a bit of a confusing maze, and leave out
    the right side of the map.
    **Note** Make sure you pay close attention to the Temple number (Golden Temple
    6, etc.), as it is extremely easy to get lost on your way to the Key.
    Depending where the game puts you (Locations are somewhat randomized like the
    earlier puzzle), Leave out the bottom of the map, into Golden Temple 6.
    Walk across the fancy pillar bridge for another TIGER BALL, and begin 
    backtracking out the north, and back into Golden Temple 7. Run north in this
    room, retrieving yet another TIGER BALL from the chest. Exit out the top left,
    and keep moving between that door until you find yourself in Golden Temple 5.
    Run right in this area, and turn down at the first opportunity you get. Head
    left at the bottom of that area, and all the way across to get a GOLD KEY. 
    Return to Golden Temple 7, and leave through the south exit, back into Golden
    Temple 6. Exit out the bottom left in that room, and you'll end up back in 
    Golden Temple 8 (Whew).
    Back in this big chamber, run north under the bridge, and enter the shiny door
    at the end of the path. Run north here until you reach the stairwell flooded
    with Stone Faces. Grab a TIGER BALL in the chest to the left, and proceed
    north. At the end of this room, you'll see a Warning sign with the message 
    "Only the one with the key may enter! Look for a treasure box within the maze.
    The fifth map holds the clue!" Luckily, you grabbed the Gold Key earlier, when
    you were in Golden Temple 5 (The fifth map. Sneaky, right?). Unlock the door,
    Prepare yourself for a boss, and waltz on in.
    |Boss Info: Golden Golem x2|
        |Recommended Level: 29|
    The first phase of this boss is a duo of floating heads. They will simply
    chase you around the arena, spinning like crazy if you come close. As such,
    this fight is much easier for ranged characters. As for Lu and Daza, you will
    have to rely on using skills that can hit from a tile or two away, and running
    around the arena to recover your SP. No matter your character, keep up the 
    attack and the golems will fall without much of an issue.
    *NOTE* In order to prepare for the much harder boss to come, kill off one of
    the golems, leave the second with little health, and take the time to fully 
    recover health and SP.
    After his minions are defeated, the true master of the dungeon appears, and 
    challenges you to a fight.
    |Boss Info: Deodore|
        |Recommended Level: 30|
    No matter your character, this boss is a menace. He's a level 33 ghost with a
    small, yet powerful arsenal. The beginning of the fight is simple enough, 
    Deodore will fly/teleport around the arena, shooting an occasional 3-direction
    dark blast in your direction. Each shot by itself doesn't deal a tremendous
    amount of damage (still enough to be a threat, however), but if you get too 
    close, there is a chance that two, or even three of the blasts will hit you
    square on, bringing your character to his/her knees very quickly.
    Keeping this in mind, maintain your distance like in the last battle, closing
    in only to maximize hits on whatever your skill of choice may be. Things get
    complicated pretty quickly, though. When Deodore has about 50% of his health,
    he will begin spawning powerful, level 30 golems like crazy. If you give him
    too much breathing room, you'll find yourself surrounded by as many as 10
    golems in a matter of seconds. When this happens, dash around the arena, 
    creating as much distance as you can between you and the golems. Deodore will
    teleport close to you, so keep up a strong offensive while the golems are 
    trudging toward you. A few powerful blasts of your skills should bring down 
    Deodore before he can cause too much damage.
    After the fight, examine the gem, and watch the following cutscene. Either
    walk back to Iris, or use the much more efficient Teleport Scroll, and report
    to Monica.
    Town of Iris, Revisited (TT2)
    Oops! Monica isn't here! Instead, waiting in front of her house, is Karin.
    After the scene, you'll learn of a town called Barpore, also in the ruins area.
    After you recover from your last dungeon endeavor, buy everything you need,
    refine/combine if you found anything worthwhile in the dungeon, and head out
    once more for south Iris.
    Proceed, as you have many times before, back to Central Laka Ruin, and head
    west for one more map, back to the place where you found the book so long ago. 
    From there, run right through the dead trees, and descend the dark, scary
    Laka Ruin Basement
    As you enter the I shaped corridor, make your way towards the southeast exit, 
    watching out for the falling block. Watch the cutscene, and you'll then be 
    given the task of escorting Monica to the town.
    The rest of this journey is made pretty easy because of your minimap. Proceed
    to the right out of your first map, and walk down the winding path in the next
    room. Be sure use the pipe across the trapped floor in the top left. Make your
    way through the next room, and you'll find yourself in the underground city of
    Town of Barpore (BT8)
    Don't get too comfortable yet, Monica gives you another mission out of the town
    the second you arrive. Nonetheless, stock up on items, repair if you need, set
    Barpore as your destination town (The Portal Guide is right in the middle of 
    the city), and march back the way you came to see your friends again.
    When you return to the prison, you'll find that your friends aren't there, and
    you'll be told to return to town. Do so either walking or using a teleport 
    scroll, and report to the inn (northeast part of town). The mission tells you
    to check your equipment at the blacksmith, but it isn't entirely necessary (if
    you had already done it when you first arrived in Barpore). The most 
    northwestern house is the Chief's house, so go there when you are ready.
    Apparently, your friends think you're doing too much of the work (Read: You're
    doing all the work), but that won't stop Lisa from dragging you along. Make 
    absolutely sure you're prepared for another dungeon with teleport scrolls,
    repair hammers, your trusty hoe, and potions. Exit out the right side of town,
    and into Barpore Dungeon.
    Barpore Dungeon (BD4)
    The first room of this dungeon is just a U-shaped chamber. Simply walk down and
    around, and up out of the area. Walk right as far as you can, then north, and
    climb the pipe above the trapped floor. Kill the enemies in this large, open
    area if you wish, then proceed across the pipe on the left side of the room, 
    and into another floor.
    The only thing to be careful about in this room is the spike trap right at the
    entrance. Walk around it, and up to the door. Open it, walk in, and watch the
    cutscene. You'll be instructed to return to town, but take this opportunity
    to train on the monsters in this room if you feel underlevelled for the 
    situation. When you're ready to leave, either walk, teleport, or two-way back
    to Barpore.
    Back at the Chief's house, you'll see how incompetent your friends still are
    (I'm assuming they're all still level 10), then you'll be sent to their rescue.
    If you used a two-way, then take that back. Otherwise, fight your way through
    the dungeon, back to the room with the shiny gem in the middle. When you've
    arrived, run up the left side of the room along the skinny passage to the
    right, and into the other room.
    Run across the conveyor belts in this room, pausing the best you can between
    the falling weights. In this next room, go down and around, fighting the 
    abomination-like monsters from Warcraft in the tubes if you wish. Open the door
    and proceed north when you're ready. In this other large room, train if you 
    need to, and head out the northern door when you feel prepared.
    After the brief scene, return to Laboratory 4, and make your way left, and into
    that room. Cross the conveyor belts again, and into the next room. After the 
    scene, open the door with the key you so luckily received earlier, save &
    prepare for a boss fight, then proceed in.
    |Boss Info: Sonian|
        |Recommended Level: 38|
    Once again, you're pitted against quite a powerful enemy, if not dealt with
    correctly. Sonian has three different attacks: A charge move that hits multiple
    times, A laser beam, and an 8-directional fireball attack (similar to 
    Deodore's). Immediately after the battle starts, dash either right or left, as
    Sonian usually starts the fight with a laser that can very easily kill you.
    There are two tricks to fighting this boss that will make him relatively easy.
    First, always run one tile diagonal from him. This will stop him from using
    both the laser and charge attack as long as you maintain a little distance.
    Second, when you're ready to deal damage, dash in front of Sonian. He will try
    to charge (and miss), which leaves him completely defenseless just long enough 
    for you to get a few hits in. Repeat this diagonal/dash process while circling
    the arena, and Sonian should go down quickly.
    Back in Barpore, talk to the Chief to receive your next mission. After you take
    care of your usual post-dungeon business, head out the north exit, just past
    the Chief's house.
    Teradore Area (AT3)
      -Water of Dimension
    Monsters take a little level jump here, so take the time to train yourself in
     the first couple areas. When you enter the first Teradore Area, you'll be
    informed of the intense heat, and pointed at a bridge. Walk under the first 
    bridge you see, and up the stone stairwell alluded to in the cutscene.
    Walk around the left side of this area, and open the chest in the top-left 
    corner for a DRAGON STIMULANT. The reason you're in this area is to collect
    Orb pieces for a shield from the Chief, and the only enemies who drop those
    orbs are Fire Booms.
    The difficult thing about this is the Fire Boom's explosive tendencies. If they
    get within one square of you, they explode, and don't drop anything. So ranged
    characters rejoice, simply shoot the Fire Booms before they get close, and 
    gather your five orbs. Melee classes will again have to resort to a 1 hit kill
    skill which can hit from several tiles away. When you've gathered your five 
    orbs, two-way or teleport back to Barpore and report to the Chief.
    Have the blacksmith create a Heart of Glacier for you, and teleport/walk back
    to Teradore Area 1. Instead of crossing the bridge to Teradore Area 2, walk to
    the far left on the ground level, and over to Teradore Area 3. Around the large
    plateau to your left is another DRAGON STIMULANT. Proceed down the stairs, and
    south into the next area. Take an immediate right when you enter, and at the
    end of the path is another DRAGON STIMULANT.
    Directly south from where you entered is a Worn sign, which you examine to 
    progress the story. The sign is a message from Lisa, who tells you to go to the
    Crusis Volcano. Proceed southwest, and exit through a skinny path into Crusis 
    Crusis Volcano (CV6)
      -Water of Universe
    Directly below your starting point, and around several bridges and other 
    obstacles is a DRAGON STIMULANT. Keep right, and head down and around the 
    snakelike corridor into another area. If you have an Elixir of Stamina (L), 
    then talk to the explorer Earth and complete that quest. Otherwise, head south,
    and through to the next area for a scene.
    This area is a massive sliding rock puzzle, but doesn't pose too many problems.
    All you have to worry about is waiting too long on any particular block, as
    they will sink, and kill you in the process. 
    Start by walking on the right platform, and cross from platform to platform
    until you reach the next large chunk of land. On the left side of this island,
    board the upper platform, and keep left until you reach the island with the
    mining rock on it. Don't go in; rather, take the other platform south, and find
    your way to the southwestern exit. Be careful not to get caught on any platform
    for too long.
    In this region, head west, then south across a few bridges, and finally north
    into the dungeon. After a short scene, you'll be faced with another boss, so 
    make sure you're ready for a heated battle (pun intended).
    |Boss Info: Bereren|
        |Recommended Level: 45|
    Bereren isn't too much different from bosses you've faced thus far. 
    Nonetheless, he's a definite threat for the unprepared. His arsenal includes an
    8-way fireball attack (almost identical to Sonian's), summoned fireballs which
    behave similar to Fire Booms, and a flurry of lava towers. The first half of
    the fight is simple enough, just pound on Bereren until your health is low, 
    then run away to heal and come back. When Bereren hits about 50% health,
    however, he'll start filling the battlefield with pillars of lava and 
    The most important thing to keep in mind this fight is to stay far away from
    the edges of the map. Bereren can deal too much damage too fast for you to try
    turtling against a wall. Do your best to run circles around him, and pound him
    with skills the moment he uses an attack himself.
    After the fight, you'll be blinded by white light, and end up back in the Iris
    Inn. Watch the scene, and teleport yourself to Deva.
    Deva Castle, Revisited (DR2)
    Take the time now to restock on items & repair/combine, because you have
    another dungeon looming right around the corner.
    When you're ready, just like in the very beginning of the game, talk to Karin
    just right of the bridge. An intense cutscene will ensue, and you'll be asked
    to help the Riddle Man by defeating eight zombies (Zenonia 1 players should 
    recognize the Riddle Man, he was a pretty pivotal character). Afterwards, 
    you'll be deposited in the penultimate dungeon of the game.
    Revival Dungeon (RD1)
      -Water of Universe 
    This first room is pretty straightforward, just exit out the top-right of the
    map. Be very careful of the large, spiky logs, as they can kill you in one
    shot. To get around them, you have to hide in the dark gap in the middle of the
    corridor, and wait for them to pass. Do this with the middle log, and continue
    north up the jug bridge. Continue left, and finally up into the next area.
    Ignore the staircase in this room for the time being, and instead run around
    the left side of the map. Push the stone onto the tile in the large chamber,
    and you'll see the logs disappear. Backtrack to the staircase, and open the 
    chest to receive a DRAGON TRIBE NECKLACE. Proceed out the door on the right 
    side of the map, adjacent to the stone block you pushed.
    Here you'll arrive at another rolling log puzzle. Pass the middle log you see
    at the entrance, and cross the jug bridge into the next room. Stay near the top
    of this map, and proceed straight right until you reach the next room.
    This room (Revival Dungeon 8) is a fantastic place to train, particularly if
    you have your character's Lethal skill (the one you learn at level 40). Your
    next cutscene is in the north exit from this room.
    Talk to Zealous after the scene, after which you'll have to protect Zealous as
    he removes the sanctuary door. Kill eight of the monsters in the room (you can
    leave the room and come back to make them spawn faster), and talk to Zealous.
    After he destroys the barrier, pursue Zavkiel out the northern door.
    The next room is straightforward, simply run through the snakelike passage.
    Bypass the staircase in this room, and run around the left side of the area.
    Push the stone on the slot, then cross the bridge it created. Save your game,
    and ready yourself for Zavkiel.
    |Boss Info: Zavkiel|
        |Recommended Level: 45|
    Feel free to take a breath of fresh air, here, because Zavkiel is much
    easier than most bosses you've faced thus far. He starts the fight by cloning
    himself, though each clone has a miniscule amount of health. Use an area spell
    to clear out the impostors, then focus your energy on Zavkiel. Be careful about
    staying too close for too long, because his orb attack (His only attack, I 
    might add) has the potential to hit hard. Make sure you keep yourself close to
    the boss at all times, as he heals more often than other bosses, and keep up a 
    strong offensive, and Zavkiel will succumb.
    Town of Iris, Revisited 2 (IR4)
    Another lengthy cutscene will leave you back at the Deva Inn. Repair, and 
    teleport yourself back to Iris. Go to the inn, and talk to the Riddle Man. He
    will tell you about a city of angels, Coelraum, which will help you locate
    Ladon. Pay Monica a visit after the cutscene.
    She'll tell you about the faulty Sky Portal, and ask you to find it. When 
    you've prepared, head out the east exit (There was an east exit?). It's 
    sneakily located on the stepping stones next to the Portal.
    Unless you are severely undertrained, Don't bother with the level 8 Limes in 
    this area. There is an EXAMINE SCROLL in a chest along the northwest border,
    so pick that up and head right.
    This is an interesting area. The monsters aren't (well, shouldn't be) quite as
    strong as you are anymore, but you can very easily kill every monster on the 
    map in one blow. As such, it's not the greatest place for experience, but the
    gold dropped by these monsters is about as good as you can get. So if you're a
    bit short on pocket change, then this is the place to go. When you've had your
    fill, simply exit right again.
    Here at the Sky Portal, you don't have many choices. Just walk up to the sign 
    in front of the teleporter, and let the Riddle Man work his magic. After the 
    scene, you'll be in the majestic sky city of Coelraum.
    Coelraum (CM0)
      -Water of Universe
    As you regain control, your first order of business will be to find the 
    archangel Merhen. As the Portal Guide says, she can be found in the northwest
    part of town. Head there after you've perused the shops & blacksmith, and
    after you set Coelraum as your return point at the Portal Guide.
    Speak to Merhen, and you'll learn of the Sky people's (Avatar reference. Whoa.)
    convenient telepathic abilities, and of their other just as convenient portal
    to everywhere in the world: The Tree of Life. Speak to the Sky Official when
    you're ready to move on.
    Of course, you can't walk in Ladon's front door without powering the tree
    first. You'll need 15 Sky Crystals. Head northeast to the Skyfield. Simply 
    progress through the first map, training if you must. In the second, larger
    area, walk up either side, north until you reach the very top. Take the TWO WAY
    PORTAL from the chest.
    Sky Crystals only drop from Golems of Heaven, so fight them either in Skyfield
    4, or Skyfield 2 (Located two maps away from your current position). Gather the
    crystals and return to the Sky Official when you're done.
    He will direct you back to Merhen while he does a little Quality Assurance on
    the portal, so go back and talk to her.
    After a rather futuristic scene (But hey, they're angels), you'll finally be
    on your way to tackling the Demon Ladon, once and for all. Walk through the
    portal in the Tree of Life, and enter the game's final dungeon.
    Demon King's Castle (DK7)
      -Water of Universe
    For a game's final dungeon, this is quite a massive pushover. No puzzles, and
    an easy boss (recipe for success, right?). Anyway, here goes.
    There's nothing of particular interest in this first room, just move up the
    dark staircase behind the door, and across the moving platform into the next 
    Demon King's Castle F2 is another good training opportunity, so level up a bit
    here if you wish before continuing right, then up into the next floor. Continue
    north here, as going east leads to a dead end, and move on up the staircase.
    Keep the northern trend going, and examine the Strange Equipment past the 
    demonic overhang.
    You will be instructed to kill Ladon's fear golems before you can take down the
    man himself. Make sure you don't get yourself surrounded (it's a small space
    with a lot of enemies, better yet, the golems can turn you to stone), and 
    dispatch them.
    Upon defeating the golems, you'll be teleported right in front of Ladon's lair,
    and given the Red Key with which you must use to enter. Make sure none of your 
    equipment is on the verge of breaking, and walk in.
    |Boss Info: Ladon|
        |Recommended Level: 53|
    So, here he is again: The king of Demons. While a slightly more powerful foe 
    than he was in the original Zenonia, he's still not much of a force to reckon
    Let's review his attacks: His primary source of damage are a number of dark 
    orbs which shoot in an arrow pattern, covering the entire battlefield. Ensure 
    that you can take at least 1000 damage at all times during the fight, just in 
    case. His second move is less reliable, but slightly more deadly if you get 
    caught in it. He will shoot up beams of light all around the battlefield, which
    drain your health at alarming rates. They're easy enough to dodge, so just step
    to the side when you see the glowing circles on the floor.
    The catch to this battle is that Ladon is too heavily armored for you to fight
    straight up. He has a vulnerable eye right in the center of him which you must
    attack, and it closes when he uses attacks of his own. Since there are no truly
    safe spots in this fight, you're best off standing right in the middle of the
    map, in striking distance of Ladon's eye at all times. Maintain a sturdy supply
    of health, make your moves between his, and the King will go down quickly.
    You'll be treated to the final scenes of the game following the fight, then
    ironically enough, you'll be dumped right back at the beginning. What a twist!
    Really though, upon completing the game once, you unlock Hard Mode, which is 
    the exact same game again with beefed up monsters, and Unique equipment. You 
    keep everything you earned from the first playthrough, too, so have at it. 
    There is also a super secret boss at the end of hard mode. I'll get around to
    writing a guide for it in a little, but really, it would be no easy task 
    (You'll see why when you fight it).
    V. Contact (FY3)
    Email: Nevets21292@aim.com
    Email me only if you have questions about the game, if you found an error, 
    if you have suggestions on how to improve the guide, or if you would be so kind
    as to add a section to this guide (You would receive full credit for your 
    submission). I should be prompt in answering emails, and I will be open to 
    criticism of any sort. Just keep in mind that negative criticism doesn't help 
    VI. Legal (LS2)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. The use of this guide on any
    web site other than those allowed or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright.
    Sites allowed to host this guide:
    VII. Credits (BBQ)
    ~ Thanks to Gamevil Inc. for being the responsive, consumer-friendly company
    they are, and for putting out great games like this month after month.
    ~ Thanks to GameFAQs and Neoseeker for hosting this guide
    ~ Thanks to you for reading, commenting, and critiquing my guide

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