Curve Ball 3D is an interpretation of the arcade classic, Pong, but in 3D. Control the paddle by tilting the game, curve the ball by spinning it with a moving paddle. Your opponent is good, but you can beat him if you curve the ball into the corners. Beat your opponent 3 times to level up, and then things get more interesting. Each level the game gets more challenging, with the ball moving faster and your opponent able to respond quicker.

Curve ball has many nice features not normally associated with a 99 cent game. Game state is always saved, so take that call and pick up where you left off. It has one touch calibration, so you can always play comfortably, even if you are changing positions on the couch. The ball curve is displayed in the paddle so you can see how effective you are at spinning the ball and beating your opponent. Probably the coolest thing is the openGL graphics. They give a flicker free display and allow true 3D effects as you move around the game.

Curve Ball is the kind of game you can pick up anytime you have a moment to kill and end up a half hour later wondering what happened to the time. It’s fun, it’s simple, and it will keep you entertained. Try out Curve Ball 3D, you’ll be glad you did.

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