Tired of the same old iCopter? Doodle Copter adds new life to the classic helicopter game!

Surf the clouds in this arcade classic. Avoid the occasional "Goody Tires" blimp, hot air balloons and airplanes. Earn over 100 OpenFeint points and achievements.

"Addictive grab-and-play action without a ton of buttons and dialog boxes!"

Control your copter with a single press of your finger on the screen.

Smooth flight control with 3 speeds and OpenFeint leader boards. Can you be the best??

Doodle iCopter is a classic arcade style game that you won't be able to put down!

- Extremely simple to control
- Multiple Speed / difficulty levels
- Many achievements
- High Score Leader Boards for each speed level
- Dynamic sound effects
- Supports playing your own music! Listen from your iPod library or listen to ours.

Doodle Copter has OpenFeint social network integration. Earn OpenFeint achievements and points as well as compete and compare scores with players and friends from all over the world!

Contact us at if you have any questions.

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