Triplet is a lovingly created and challenging puzzle game, where you win points by choosing a set of three tiles whose characteristics (color, shape, shading, and number of shapes) either all differ, or are all the same.

It's a fantastic way to gently exercise the grey matter and your powers of perception, and easy to pick up and put down (so perfect to play while commuting, or just filling in a few minutes here and there). Beware though, before long you'll find yourself poring over tiles, searching for that last tile you need to make your triplet!

Triplet supports three game modes - a Learning Mode where the user can learn the rules of the game, and scores points for matching any characteristics, a Classic game mode for playing the normal game, and a Time Challenge mode for seeing how many points you can rack up in a certain time.

A speed bonus is awarded for spotting triplets quickly, the quicker you spot them the higher the bonus!

Overall, this is a beautifully crafted game that challenges your perceptive abilities, and provides a deep and stimulating level of gameplay.

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