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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.2 12/4/12
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    Beauty Lawyer Victoria
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2012
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Characters
    003.  Walkthrough
    004.  Quick Walkthrough
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the iOS game called "Beauty 
    Lawyer Victoria". It is a game in which you play a defense 
    attorney who wants to defend her client from a false murder 
    charge. If you want to contact me about this guide, use my 
    email address ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com.
    Victoria: The main character of the game. Victoria is a 
    defense attorney (or beauty lawyer, if you will), and she's 
    about to take her first case. Can she prove her client's 
    Jessica: The victim. Jessica was Miss USA. She was staying 
    at a hotel when someone choked her to death, then threw her 
    body out the window.
    Dennis: The defendant. Dennis is under suspicion, because 
    he was the victim's boyfriend. Victoria wants to prove he 
    is innocent.
    Robert: The judge, who can be rather stern about courtroom 
    Charles: The public prosecutor. His job is to prove Dennis 
    David: A friend of Dennis and the main witness for the 
    defense. He gives a brief testimony about the relationship 
    between the defendant and the victim.
    Jack: The hotel manager and the main witness for the 
    prosecution. He gives multiple testimonies about the night 
    of the murder.
    The game begins with Victoria meeting her client, Dennis. 
    He has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, Miss USA.
    You have the choice to accept or refuse the case. Accept 
    the case.
    Victoria will go over everything in her head. You then have 
    three choices. You can go to the court records and read up 
    on the case. The court record says that the victim died on 
    October 25, around 11 PM. She was staying at Room 803 of 
    the BOSTON hotel.
    She was suffocated with something like a rope, before she 
    fell through the hotel window. Her corpse was discovered by 
    Jack, the hotel manager.
    Go to the hotel room to pick up various pieces of evidence. 
    There are eight pieces of evidence in this room.
    1. Fingerprints on the phone prove that only the victim 
    touched the phone.
    2. 8th Floor sales records show that this is the only room 
    occupied on the night of the murder.
    3. Dinner receipt shows the victim had dinner at 6:00 PM.
    4. Belt/rope. This is the murder weapon.
    5. Defendant's shirt, which is still wrapped. Perhaps the 
    victim bought it for her boyfriend.
    6. Watch. Stopped at 8 PM; you must manually wind the watch 
    to keep it going. Does this let us know what time the 
    murder was?
    7. Record of blackout. The hotel had a blackout, but the 
    elevator was still working.
    8. Victim's cell phone, which is still open. If she called 
    for help, this might let us know when the murder was.
    You can carry five pieces of evidence. The four that you 
    need to pick up are the first four on the list. They are 
    the sales records (by the bed pillows), the dinner receipt 
    (on the floor by the bed), the belt / rope (on the bed) and 
    the phone (on the nightstand to the left).
    Leave the crime scene and exit the investigation. Court 
    then begins. The public prosecutor makes his case. He 
    believes that the victim and the defendant broke up, after 
    she became Miss USA. The defendant became angry at this, 
    then killed her. 
    Victoria has to choose whether her client should confess to 
    this scenario, or not. Pick the second option, to keep 
    fighting. If he confesses, he is automatically found 
    Victoria then comes up with a witness, who confirms that 
    the victim was still dating the defendant, at the time of 
    her death. This disproves the prosecution's theory, but the 
    prosecutor maintains he has more proof.
    The judge then quizzes Victoria on the case. You might want 
    to check the court record (in the court menu), if you've 
    forgotten the details of the case.
    The death took place at...A HOTEL.
    The victim's name is...JESSICA.
    The cause of death is...SUFFOCATION.
    The prosecution calls Jack, the hotel manager, to the 
    stand. Jack gives testimony. Using the court menu, you can 
    question his testimony or present evidence to poke holes in 
    his testimony.
    For example, question his statement "I was delivering a 
    room service". This causes Jack to give some additional 
    testimony; he will clarify that a woman from 803 ordered 
    room service for dinner. He does not say this, unless you 
    question that statement.
    When Jack says that a woman "ordered a room service. For 
    her dinner.", present the dinner receipt as evidence. The 
    victim did NOT order room service for dinner at 7:00 PM, 
    because she ate dinner that night at 6:00 PM!
    Jack will now change his testimony, saying that he was 
    delivering food to Room 804, not 803. Question him at the 
    statement "Yes. I passed Room 803". He will confirm that 
    Room 804 was his intended destination.
    Present the 8th floor sales record at the statement "I 
    remember now that I was delivering to Room 804". According 
    to the sales record, the entire 8th floor was empty, except 
    for Room 803.
    Jack changes his testimony again. This time, he says he was 
    supposed to deliver food to Room 408. He mistakenly thought 
    it was 804, not 408, so he went to the wrong floor.
    Question the statement "It was a mistake" in order to get 
    new testimony. Jack says he looked in the room, after the 
    defendant left it. He immediately realized something was 
    wrong. He saw the victim's dead body and tried to call the 
    Question the statement "But the phone must have been 
    broken." Jack confirms he tried to use the phone at this 
    point in time. Present the fingerprints on the phone at 
    "Yes, I am sure it was broken. I tried to push the 
    button,". If Jack is telling the truth, why are his 
    fingerprints not on the phone?
    Jack says that he was wearing white gloves at the time, 
    which is why there were no fingerprints. He begins more 
    testimony about the room and seeing the victim's dead body 
    on the ground.
    He seems to have left out the part where her dead body 
    travelled from inside the room, to the ground below, but no 
    one seems to notice this fact.
    Question the statement "A woman was lying on the ground and 
    she was wounded around her neck." How did Jack know the 
    victim's gender and wound? He was allegedly eight stories 
    about her body.
    Jack will say that he knows about the wound, due to the 
    belt in the room. Question either "No, no. I mean...A belt 
    was in the hotel room..." or "You know...there was a belt."
    Victoria will point out that, as far as everyone knows, 
    there was no belt at the scene. The victim was killed with 
    a rope.
    Jack insists the murder weapon was a belt. Present the belt 
    at "No! What do you know? That was a belt!" or "That was a 
    belt!  You are a novice that can't even investigate 
    correctly". Victoria concludes that Jack has incriminated 
    himself, by revealing that the murder weapon (a rope) is 
    really a belt.
    Jack will swear, and the judge asks the lawyers to make 
    their closing arguments. The judge will agree with 
    Victoria, and he declares the defendant not guilty. Hooray!
    004-Quick Walkthrough
    This section describes how to get through the game, with 
    little extra detail.
    1. Accept the case
    2. Go to the crime scene. Pick up the sales records, dinner 
    receipt, belt and phone.
    3. Leave the crime scene and exit the investigation.
    4. Tell your client to keep fighting.
    5. Answer "a hotel".
    6. Answer "Jessica"
    7. Answer "suffocation".
    8. Question the statement "I was delivering a room service"
    9. Present the dinner receipt at the statement "ordered a 
    room service. For her dinner."
    10. Question "Yes. I passed Room 803..."
    11. Present 8th floor sales records at "I remember now that 
    I was delivering to Room 804".
    12. Question "It was a mistake."
    13. Question "But the phone must have been broken."
    14. Present the fingerprints on the phone at "Yes, I am 
    sure it was broken. I tried to push the button,"
    15. Question "A woman was lying on the ground and she was 
    wounded around her neck."
    16. Question "No, no. I mean...A belt was in the hotel 
    room..." or "You know...there was a belt."
    17. Present the belt at "No! What do you know? That was a 
    belt!" or "That was a belt!  You are a novice that can't 
    even investigate correctly".
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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