-What is Bernoulli Ball?

Bernoulli Ball is a 2D physics game like you’ve never seen before!

It’s part shuffle board, part maze, part obstacle course, and part pinball game.

Bernoulli Ball is a collection of mini-games that will provide unparalleled hours of fun by showcasing 12 mini-games for the price of 1. The initial release of Bernoulli Ball will include the first 4 mini-games. (There’s only 1 mini-game in the lite version but it is free to try.) A new mini-game will be released every 2-3 weeks until there are 12 mini-games in all. Of course, when it has been discovered how much fun the mini games in Bernoulli Ball are, we will create even more mini-games for you to enjoy.

-What is the goal in Bernoulli Ball?

The most important goal in Bernoulli Ball is, (insert drumroll here), "TO GET THE WORLD'S HIGHEST BERNOULLI BALL SCORE".

Global high scores are tracked by Leaderboards via AGON Online.


Get as many Bernoulli Balls in the chute as you can. Just follow the arrows to find the chute. It’s that simple.

-What’s it like to play Bernoulli Ball?

A mini-game is made up of rounds. A round is over when all the Bernoulli Balls are in the chute or lost.

A mini-game begins by releasing a Bernoulli Ball onto the screen. You maneuver a Bernoulli Ball by touching or tapping the screen. You can flick, scoot, slide, juggle, herd, whatever works for you, to get a Bernoulli Ball into the chute.

A mini-game starts slowly and increases in difficulty as your score increases.

Each Bernoulli Ball you get in the chute is worth at least 1 point, but you can significantly increase your score by grouping Bernoulli Balls by their color when you put them in the chute. If you get all the Bernoulli Balls in the chute grouped by their color, your total score for the round will be doubled.

Long shots can increase your score too. When you get a long shot the value of the Bernoulli Ball is multiplied by 5.

Reserve balls are another way to increase your score. You earn a reserve ball with every 250 points. When you quit a mini-game with a positive number of reserve balls you will get 25 bonus points multiplied by your reserve ball count. Your reserve ball count is decremented when you lose a Bernoulli Ball.

A mini-game ends if you tap Quit on the Pause menu or your reserve ball count drops to -5.

If a mini-game is interrupted or if you press the Home button on your device to exit Bernoulli Ball during a mini-game, the mini-game will be saved and you will be prompted to continue the mini-game when you relaunch Bernoulli Ball.

You will receive AGON Online awards when you earn enough points in a mini-game.

Novice (AGON PocketScore 1) for 1000 mini-game points
Intermediate (AGON PocketScore 3) for 3000 mini-game points
Advanced (AGON PocketScore 10) for 6000 mini-game points
Veteran (AGON PocketScore 30) for 10000 mini-game points

For a more detailed description of Bernoulli Ball game play and scoring, see the online help or visit the web site.

-How did you come up with the name Bernoulli Ball?

Bernoulli Ball is named in honor of Daniel Bernoulli, the mathematician known for Bernoulli's principle. While Bernoulli Ball doesn't try to simulate Bernoulli's principle it is certainly inspired by it.

-Please visit the Clever Martian website for screen shots and videos.

-Clever Martian would like to thank you for your interest in playing Bernoulli Ball.

-AGON Online by Aptocore is a leading social gaming platform for iPhone and iPod Touch. For more info on AGON Online please visit:

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