"If you are at all interested in word search games, you have to check out Mumble Jumble. It’s very easy to play and has a ton of replay value."

"A very nice word game. A good sized dictionary with a great way to polish up on the two letter words. Its a keeper."

"Great game, no really, much better than other 'scrabble inspired' games"
- store user review

Mumble Jumble is a collection of three exciting word search games in one! Challenge a friend or try for the next high score in a game that will be sure to keep you coming back.

•Three Unique Game Modes
•Multiplayer with BlueTooth Networking
•Multiple Difficulty Settings
•Auto Saving
•Customizable Interface
•Searchable Word List (170,000 + Words!)
•Listen to Your Own Music While Playing!

General Rules:
Spell words by tapping connected letters (note that connected letters will be highlighted for you). When words are recognized, the action button will change from "Clear" to "OK". Clicking "OK" causes the word to disappear and any higher blocks to fall into the empty space.

You can clear a word selection at any time by clicking the "Clear" button or by clicking a letter that isn't connected. You can also deselect the last letter of your word by tapping it again.

Special tiles are marked with either a silver or gold mark. Silver represents a word score multiplier of two, and a gold mark represents a word score multiplier of three. Words which include more than one special mark allow them to multiply each other. Catch all of the marks on any single level to get more or better marks on the next level.

All game modes can be played with or without a timer, or against another player. To pause a timed game, click the "Menu" button. Click "Cancel" from the menu to resume your game.

Quick Colum:
Quick Column begins with the game board filled with letters. The goal of this mode is to clear any single column before the timer runs out or before your opponent can clear a column. You can see the status of the timer or your opponents location by looking at the green bar on the sides of the game board. If it reaches the bottom of the game board before you clear a column, then you will lose.

Raining C's & D's:
Raining C's & D's begins with only two filled columns. Letters will be constantly added to the screen by a timer. If any column is filled to the top of the screen you lose. In multiplayer mode every word you find adds an equal number of letters to the opponent's board. The green bar on the side of the board indicates how close you are to winning a match. When it reaches the top of the game board you will win.

Tug of War:
Tug of War begins with a filled board and always stays filled. In single player mode you "tug" against a timer with your points and in multiplayer mode you "tug" against your opponents points. If the green bar reaches the top of the game board you will win the match. If it reaches the bottom of the game board then you will lose a match.

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