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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by fellcor

    Version: 1.13 | Updated: 07/26/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Introduction for We Rule V1.13
    Firstly determine the time/effort you are willing to put in, if you are a
    casual player, then this guide is not for you. This guide is for the power
    hungry, resource grabbing players whom started off late, but didn't want to
    be the lowest level newbie among his/her circle of friends whom started months
    ago. What i will be attempting here would be how to get your coins, your mojo,
    your time and all of other people's time/asset (yes, we are going to make use
    of others) to work for you. If the idea suits you, then this guide is for you.
    Secondly, as there is no way to reinstall the older versions of the game nor
    have a grand view of the game (does bug X which i no longer encounter still
    applies to others, there is no way to tell), thus certain bugs maybe no longer
    relevant to some, yet persistent to others. With that in mind i didn't edit
    any of the bugs section.
    Understanding the basics
    The game revolves around farming (crops) and business (shops), which nets you
    both experience (exp) and gold (coins). With exp, you get access to higher
    tier stuff which are usually of a lower quality which you have to use coins to
    buy. Yes lower quality. This is because The game promotes itself by hooking you
    to the game, thus the best crops/shops are low level ones (usually). When you
    find yourself spending too much time with the game and want to get ahead, you
    would start to buy mojo. Stop reading if you are these type of people, this
    guide is for poorer and more patient folks, it would be meaningless to you.
    Virtually everything can be bought using in-game currency (coins) and not using
    real currency (mojo), using Euro, USD, SGD or whatever kind of currency your
    country trades in. The best things in life are free quite applies to this game.
    Secondly, with time, eventually you will reach the ceiling of the game, which
    stands at level 35 right now, which is fairly easy to reach in 3-4 months,
    depending on your late-game playing style. Thus one of the fundamental outcomes
    of this guide is, you would have over 280~ mojo at level 35, simply because
    the ones you gained from levelling up are not used mindlessly.
    Understanding the numbers (exp/gold)
    1st source of income, Crops :
    Go through the tutorial, once you understand the basics, you would have noticed
    one half of the game evolves around farming and harvesting. I forgot what the
    tutorial does so i explain everything that could happen with crops. Crops cost
    an initial start up cost to plant, then a period of time to get ripe for
    harvest. Planting a crop is an action initiated by you, by physically tapping
    an empty plot of land/farm shown by the hoe logo, then selecting the type of
    plant you would like. Always notice the time to harvest (TTH) period, which is
    the time required in REAL TIME for the crop to grow. while waiting you could
    watch how clouds formuates as time goes by or using mojo to speed up the
    process. Once TTH is reached, you would physically need to harvest the plant,
    which failure to will cause the crop to rot, resulting in 0 exp and negative
    income (factoring the cost to sow the crop initially). All crops gives gold
    which will be of a higher value than the initial cost (so can end up with more
    coins), so remembering to harvest is the only real way to gain coins steadily.
    The time it takes for your crop to rot is estimated to be the same time it
    takes for it to grow.
    Example : a crop of onions would take 1 hour to ripe, afterwhich it would take
    another hour for it to rot.
    Another concept to be introduced here would be Ratio-of-return (ratio). That is
    how much gold/exp each crop will give given the TTH, it does not scale with
    every crop. An example would be Crop A giving 10exp every 15 unit of time.
    Crop B takes 60 units of time but usually does not give 4*10 = 40exp since 60
    is 4 times 15 units of time. It usually gives a lower amount that one would
    normally get for the shorter TTH crop. This is a very important concept to
    2nd source of income, Shops :
    A second source of income which is partially controlled by you. Shops takes
    gold/mojo to build, some exceptions exists, which cost ONLY mojo to build.
    Shops give gold and experience as per crops does but its a bit more complex.
    From your shop point of view :
    Once you selected a shop and build it, it would take time to be constructed,
    not immediate like crops do. While it is being constructed, it is not producing
    anything for you, again it can be speed up by spending mojo. Higher level shops
    take longer to build. Once it has been build, it will be operational/open for
    business to both you and your friends (stage 1). Each shop takes different
    amount of time to process an order. If no one places an order with your shop,
    after TTH, you can tap the shop for exp/gold (stage 2). You will know your
    shop has finish processing because there is a coin icon on top of the shop.This
    source of income does not "rot" like crops, however, without harvesting your
    goods, your shop will stop producing orders. After you choose to process your
    goods, you and only you get exp/gold and the shop goes back to stage 1. Between
    stage 1 and 2, if anyone clicks your shop and places an order, you would notice
    your shop would show the avatar of the order-placer. Time stops there and then
    for that shop. By tapping your shop, you can choose to accept or reject the
    order, by accepting it goes into stage 1a. Stage 1a+TTH would bring you to
    stage 1b, which is delivery. By tapping your shop again, BOTH you and
    the placer gains exp/gold, with you gaining 100% of the income whereas the
    placer gets slightly less, say 80% of your income. Afterwhich the shop goes
    back to where it stopped to process the order and proceed to reach Stage 2.
    Example 1.
               Stage 1  -----------------> Stage 2
    Time         0      ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    60,Gives 10 gold/10 exp.
    Example 2.
         Stage 1 ----------------------------> Stage 1a -----> Stage 1b ---------->|
    Time   0 ->>>>>order placed at 15th unit>>   0 ->>>>>>>>>  60, Gives 10g/10 exp|
            --> Resume---------> Stage 2
                 16th ->>>>>>>>>   60,Gives 10 gold/10 exp.
    Stage 1a->1b can happen infinitely, and it is recommended so, as both you and
    the placer gets income. Stage 1a->1b is UNINTERRUPTABLE, thus only by using
    mojo can you hasten the process, otherwise you couldn't change your mind once
    you accepted an order, which counts towards your order quota (OQ)
    From your friend's shop point of view :
    Initially you would not have enough resources to build many or any shops. But
    you can still place orders with others free of charge. By tapping into kingdoms
    with an "open" logo you can zoom into their kingdoms and place an order with the
    same concept as above, however it is slightly different. You can choose any of
    the shops with an open sign and place the order. However each shop have a
    different TTH and it is NOT shown when you are shopping around, thus choose
    only a shop with a TTH that suits your lifestyle.
    Example 1.
          Stage 1a---> Stage 1b ---------> Time wasted ---> Stage 1a (order placed)
    Time    0    ->>>>   60 Gives 8/8exp ->>>> X ->>>>>>>>>    0
    Example 2.
         Stage 1a------> Logged in to check -----> Logged in to check------------>|
    Time    0    ->>>>>>>>>>> 15 ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   30 ->>>>>>>>>>>>>           |
             ----> Stage 1b ----------------->Stage 1a (order placed @ another shop)
               60, Gives 8gold/8 exp->>>  75
    Using the examples above, you can see in example 1, if you decide to go fishing
    on a Saturday morning, comes back on a Saturday night and slept till Sunday
    noon, X would be very big, thus not efficient.
    In example 2, by logging in every 15 units of time to check, X in this case
    only is 15, from 60-75. This is provided in both cases your friend DELIVERS
    the order at the 60th unit of time, without fail. The shop uses the farm
    concept, thus if the order is processed and is NOT delivered by your friend
    (with you not able to do anything about it), it will result in a failure to
    deliver message to pop up, you gain 0 gold and 0 exp and -1 friend. You do not
    actually lose the friend but you should be wary about placing an order with
    this particular person again as the wasted order counts towards your OQ.
    Order Quota.
    There is a cap of 35 OQ in the game. Thus you can only place 35 orders max at
    other kingdoms OR receive 35 orders placed at yours, or any combination as long
    as both figures added up do not exceed 35. This is a very important concept to
    understand in order to get ahead of the game. Imagine 35 orders placed with 35
    VERY casual players whom log in once a week to visit his rotting farms, you
    would have wasted 35 chances to gain gold/exp. A player whom cannot find 35
    good players to place orders with can accept orders (provided he is disciplined
    enough to process orders and login faithfully), he will definitely be ahead
    exponentially compared to a player whom place 35 orders with casual players,
    wasting his OQ and getting 0 for everything.
    3rd source of income, Rent :
    Okay its not rent exactly but its from buildings/crops that operates
    differently. These are self sufficient objects that you would place on your
    kingdom, automatically produces exp/coin after TTH, and once harvested, goes
    back towards producing them. They are not interact-able or changeable
    (your friends cant do anything towards these objects, nor can you change what
    these objects produce nor change their TTH period). There are only 3 such
    objects, cottages, orange groves and ruby groves.
    Strategy towards level 35.
    This portion states how to reach level 35 in the shortest and most PRACTICAL
    time possible, do alter it to suit your lifestyle if you have more/less time to
    attend to the game or if your girlfriend is about to breakup with you due to
    you being MIA or "inattentive" to her existence. No mojos are harmed in the
    Early game
    Plant often and harvest often. Start off with corn to earn some gold. Once you
    are tired, depending on which level you are, go for higher level crops. Wheat
    and rice are good crops to plan considering their TTH is more practical and
    ratio is excellent. With every level up remember to check if you can build
    additional farms, the key engine of your growth in this stage. In the meantime,
    start visiting game forums or local forums (forums that are hosted and visited
    by members of your country) for people to add. Preference should be given to
    local forums players than international ones. These players once added allows
    you to place shop orders with their already build infrastructure immediately.
    Secondly they play and sleep about the time you do, so there is less chances of
    time being wasted for them to deliver an order while you are sleeping.
    After you have added a few buddies, your crop would have reached TTH, harvest
    and repeat, until you have around 40 of them. Adding 1000 people doesn't help
    as your OQ limits you to transact with the 35 most active players in your
    kingdom, having an active player on the 109th page of your kingdom is not
    very accessible. Things to look out for especially are kingdoms smaller than
    20 in level, having rotting crops or farms with no crop being planted. These
    players are inactive, or too casual, delete them (don't feel bad). Not all
    small kingdoms are bad, some are just the same as you, just starting out and
    very hungry, give these players a chance and they might be your permanent
    trading partner in time to come.
    Place 35 orders from the SAME type of shops from the 35 different kingdoms.
    That is because the TTH for these orders will be the same, placing 35 orders
    with different types of shops will result in hay wired timings and delivery
    which equates to time wasted. Ideally the 35 shops would have 35 active players
    whom process your order at the same time and deliver them, so every say,
    60 units of time passed, you would login to gain 35 orders of gold/exp and
    repeat the cycle.
    At this stage, place your orders with lower tier shops with shorter TTH, such
    as scout towers. Orders place at tailor shops would most likely be rejected by
    higher level players, as it eats into their OQ, thus wasting your time. Why not
    place with dragon lairs? It takes 2 full days to process, you need gold/exp
    now, not 2 days later, no matter how big the amount. What you want are fast
    TTH crops and shop orders to reach level 1x asap.
    With coins to spare, build as many tailor shops as possible. Squeeze EVERYTHING
    as close as humanly possible onto your kingdom. Tailor sweatshops are one of
    the earlier strategies exploited by players to gain exp/gold fast and still
    works now. They pay for themselves in around 2 days, occupies very little
    physical space in your kingdom thus making them choice shops to build. DO NOT
    accept any orders on these shops. To get maximum benefits with practicality in
    mind, it makes sense to order from shops that have higher TTH, and use your own
    tailor shops for farming (a term used by gamers, where one gets income from
    objects in the game which serve no other purpose, another term would be
    grinding, though grinding usually involves monster killing, not applicable to
    the game here) purposes. Build until your entire kingdom is filled with these
    tailor shops. Do not purchase any upgrades before your ENTIRE kingdom is
    carpeted with tailor shops. You should really change to planting onions or
    higher TTH crops now.
    Mid Game
    At level 1x, you would have known all the concepts of this game, have in mind
    whom are your stable trading partners and so forth. Now it is the time to
    capitalized on it. Repeat what you did for "early game" strategy. Yes, repeat
    it. The only thing you should ever buy is land upgrade, which increase your
    land by 30%, allowing more tailor shops to be build. Any extra gold is to be
    kept for later use. Start planting onions if you are working, or choose
    whatever is suitable for your lifestyle. A key milestone for strategy change
    and to get your life back is at level 17, where the crop magic cauliflower is
    available. This crop has a good ratio for their practical
    TTH and i often choose this over shorter TTH crops for practical reasons.
    End game - Industrialized Strategy
    At level 20, it is a milestone and a checkpoint. Your strategy change
    drastically from here. By now, your grades in school would have dropped a
    notch, lost a few friends and having nerd slapped all over your face while
    spotting a beard with the style adopted in early/mid game. For now things are
    going to be slowed considerably, for your health and practical reasons. You
    cannot afford to login every hour anymore, it just got so boring. If you are
    not bored, you are on your own from here, i did, thus the strategy for me to
    share is with the players with lessen interest and even lesser time to invest
    in the game. First off, Buy around 35 dragon lairs, which
    means you need to sell your tailor shops BIT BY BIT. Spread your name in forums
    for others to start noticing you. Do not place orders anymore with anyone,
    unless your 35 dragon lairs are virtually empty and devoid of orders, of which
    you should start ordering with dragon lairs or archery range shops at other
    kingdoms. Always leave around 10 of your dragon lairs free for others to place
    their orders with you. Start a reputation of being a kingdom for others to
    visit instead of ignore. Dragon lairs are chosen for their smaller physical
    size, longer TTH compared to archery range but they cost gold, not mojo to
    build. Also they cost 2 days to process, which suits the
    califlower strategy adopted above, every 4 crop harvest = your dragon order is
    fulfilled and ready to deliver. Ultimately, your game should make you place as
    many archery range orders with others you can find, while leaving your dragon
    lairs open in case you cant find 35 ranges to place orders in. Construct no
    MORE than 35 dragon lairs. With whatever remaining gold, slowly replace your
    tailor sweatshops with ruby grove. These are available at level 23, takes
    around 25 days to pay for themselves and are better than most shops (yes,
    including your lairs).
    By now, you should be levelling at a snail pace, perhaps once every 4 days or
    so, the ruby grooves help out. Do not replace your lairs with the grooves, you
    would need to maintain a reputation of a player who delivers on time, not a
    solo farmer whom engage in only casual play, in view of further expansions
    which might change the balance between the various forms of income.
    End game - Balanced Strategy
    The reason i have included this is because i think by adopting this strategy
    you can be more of a boon to other players and have a slightly more attractive
    kingdom in terms of looks. At level 20, buy a variety of shops. Yes a variety.
    Refer to the tips and tricks section and access the website recommended. I
    cannot list out what to build here but the general idea is to build the top
    3 gold returns and top 3 exp returns shops. Then something in between in terms
    of TTH or returns to give OTHER players a good mix of shops to order from.
    By adopting a pure dragon lair strategy above, i figured due to the lack of
    variety, i am getting less of my dragon lairs filled with orders. Example :
    Player X wants to build Shop X, which cost a lot of gold. However a wait of
    2 full days for the dragon lair to provide returns is too slow a wait. He
    would prefer the better gold returns shop, like the butcher shop, which gives
    lesser exp but higher gold, processes faster yet not as taxing on the player
    to check often like a tailor shop. Also it gives reasonable amount of returns
    to the actual owner so it won't be rejected as wasting a OQ. Example 2: The
    level cap is raised recently from level 30 -> 35, which gives the red dragon
    lair shop, something player X must have. He would opt for archery range
    instead, which offers very high exp returns yet gives very little gold. Do
    some research and see what fits this strategy best, ACTUAL land space occupied
    (mines give very poor returns yet occupy double the space of a scout tower)
    and TTH (a few shops have the same TTH period, so there is no need to have
    a few different shops with the same TTH) are some factors to consider.
    End game - Capitalism Rules
    What do i build when i have reached level 35, have a healthy influx of orders
    and tons of gold? Buy expansions (realms) and build a hoard of ruby grooves.
    These babies give around 100 gold and 85 exp per 6 hours. Thats a heck lot
    better than most shops. The key benefit is, they have very little TTH period,
    doesn't gives you the chance to accidently spent your mojos when interacting
    with them, doesn't need people to place order with them to gain maximum
    benefits (idle shops gain significantly less exp,gold per TTH as compared
    to fulfilling an actual order) and i have devised a killer strategy for them
    explained in the tips and tricks section. Once you filled out all 4 realms
    with the expansions with them, you are probably rolling in 400k per 6 hours.
    Yes, 400k per 6 hours. You don't even need to bother placing shop orders
    or waiting for loading of another player kingdom or tracking stuff anymore.
    Tips & Tricks
    There are several useful hints to the players, though some seem selfish,
    they could be employed to get ahead of your competitors.
    1) Though it seems hard, but try to remember whom has what shops. This is
    basically the "end game - balanced strategy" in Player X perspective.
    There are times you prefer gold over exp or vice versa, having an idea
    whom has the best shops that gives what you want helps getting to it
    2) Remember whom upgrades their shops often. There are a few power players
    whom upgrade 5 red dragon lairs once it is out, thus these are the players
    to look out for. Rolling in gold, they often have the newest shops whom
    fit your strategy (whatever it may be) or better still, shows interest and
    committment for the game, something to keep him/her in your kingdom friend
    list even if he/she takes a vacation.
    3) Found a Red Dragon lair but it is still being build or is fulfilling an
    order now? Track it. place an order with a TTH shop that is significantly
    lesser than what you normally transact with that player. This way whenever
    he fulfilled your order, you are in the first place to check if he also
    fulfilled that Red Dragon lair order to give you the opening to order from
    it. (you get a notification that your order is fulfilled, which is a cue to
    visit his kingdom, otherwise you can write down his ID and check on him
    hourly, but there is better use of your time right?)
    4) A player, Soniquz highlighted to me that you can sell your farm if you
    accidently placed a wrong order for a crop. Sometimes it makes sense
    that your crops all harvest at the same time. It just takes the hassle of
    checking back more often plus ... Example : Its 10pm at night. You placed
    califlowers because you are waking up at 9 tomorrow. One of the crop you
    placed is a 3h TTH crop. Instead of wasting 1am-8am (which your crop will
    ROT) or a 6h TTH (which waste 3 full hours of time anyways), sell the farm
    then rebuild it. Often than not, a califlower gives back much more gold
    to cover the loss of the initial investment plus the new farm.
    5) With the new crops being updated often, always find a crop that suits
    your lifestyle. Decided to use the "end game - Capitalism rules" strategy?
    Two batches of 6h TTH crops usually give better returns than a single
    batch of 12h TTH califlower, so if its the start of the day and you are
    going to check back every 6h anyways, there is no sense just to plant
    the califlower.
    6) A website a fellow forumer has posted is http://mojo-farm.tk/. He has
    updated the website on a religious basis and its very updated if you want
    stats and numbers, returns or TTH. Its a very good reference point to
    plant your strategy in terms of crops/buildings/placing orders.
    7) While referencing the site, use some common sense. The TTH may sounds
    good, but the per hour return is not true for all crops as compared to
    orders placed at another player's shop. You can control when you wake or
    login to process your crops, you cannot control when the other player
    decides to process your order nor deliver it to you. ALOT of time can
    be wasted if the order placer and taker are in different time zones, thus
    neturalizing the per hour return rates "benefits/advantages" one shop
    may seem to have over the other.
    8) Make FULL use of the external realms. Too often i found many level
    35 players with 4 realms purchased yet were unexpanded. Either that or
    they sold off alot of shops in the main realm to make space for ruby
    grooves, or new shops. Remember that the realms themselves can be
    expanded 4 times, so do it.
    9) The killer strategy discussed in "end game - Capitalism rules" is
    here. You can actually OVERLAP the ruby grooves. Each ruby groove takes
    3x3 of physical slots, because there are 3 rows of "trunks" if you zoom
    in closely. However by overlapping them, you can easily squeeze 3
    grooves into the space normally used for 2. If you look at my kingdom,
    east realm, 2nd row, i have placed 7! of these grooves in an area which
    normally is only big enought for 3. Thats a lot of space saved. That
    is why i have over 400+ grooves in my east realm. The trick is to disable
    wifi, using only your 3G connection. Find a row and place your first
    groove smack in the middle of the open area. It MUST be in the middle
    else the next groove (provided you have the gold for it) will appear
    out of space or near the top. You want to build it DOWNWARDS for better
    control. If done correctly, after you placed your first groove, when it
    slowly (yes you want it as slowly as possible, thus the reason using
    3G rather than wifi) fills up, immediately place your next groove
    ONE row below it.
    Normal Way of building
      1st      2nd      = 3x3 x2 = 18 slots
    1  2  3  A  B  C
    4  5  6  D  E  F
    7  8  9  G  H  I
    Advanced way of building
     1st + 2nd          = 3x3 +3 = 12 slots
    1 2/A 3/B C
    4 5/D 6/E F
    7 8/G 9/H I
    As you can see from the example below, the new groove only takes up
    an additional 3 slots. Each new one uses 3 additional slots rather than
    9 slots. Thus its very possible to place 3 - 4 grooves in the space
    of 2 fully spaced out real estate a normal placement would use. Its
    normal for the "combo" to be broken upon the first groove being completed,
    but you are already double in terms of real eastate as compared to others.
    Do not use this for shops. I forsee such placement would make accidently
    usage of mojo to increase and seeing how many new shops are mojo only
    to build, i don't recommend it for shops. This strategy when fully
    utilized for all 4 expanded realms will return around 400k minimum
    per 6 hours for grooves only. I have only two realms almost fully filled
    and it is already returning 200k per 6 hours. (Had some luck having a
    very slow connection sometimes, which helps placed 5-7 grooves in the
    combo instead of the normal 3-4).
    Known Bugs
    There are several known bugs/issues regarding the game.
    1) Screen comes up as loading, usually accompanied by no background music
    playing, yet it never goes beyond towards loading the kingdom view
    Solution : Restart application.
    2) Screen loads but as music plays the kingdom view is not being loaded.
    Solution : Wait for 20 seconds, if Plus+ is loaded via the message
    "Welcome back <Player name>", its a good sign it will be loaded eventually.
    3) Game Disconnected
    The game loads all aspects of every kingdom visited into the phone memory,
    without unloading them once you exit any kingdoms you visit, proven by visiting
    kingdom visited in the SAME session, the load is immediate. However this will
    run the phone out of memory once you reached page 4-5 of your friend list, with
    every kingdom visited on each page.
    Solution : Restart app and scroll to whichever page immediately to
    where you left off.
    4) Connection Lost message
    Usually reserved for REAL connection lost issues, however has been bugging the
    game for past few version. The game continues to be working however every
    action that results in gaining coins/exp will result in a pop up "Connection
    lost" message which can be closed by tapping ok. You are not really
    disconnected, proven by visiting another realm within your own kingdom and
    going back to the main kingdom. You would have noticed harvested crops/grooves
    are no longer able to be harvested. Coin and exp are updated.
    Solution : Remember which object you have harvested and do not harvest them
    again as there won't be duplicated coins/exp given. Or simply restart app, but
    there is no gurantee you can get connected again, especially during heavy load
    periods or simply get a wifi connection.
    5) We Rule refuse to startup. All other apps fail to connect again.
    Sometimes We rule will refuse to work. Strangely all other apps that require an
    internet connection will fail to work too. Proven by attempting to use the app
    store or safari, which shows there is no 3G connection though there is.
    Solution : Soft reset of the phone will get it back up again.
    6) Plus+ requires you to relogin and claims your password is wrong.
    Solution : Do not attempt to change your password. Its just a loading issue.
    Restart your app and it should connect normally. In case it doesn't the
    password was NEVER resetted. Just enter the correct one until it registers.
    Updates to Version 1.1 (onwards) of We Rule
    The Important new or not so new updates
    I am not going to track all the updates here for every release. I will only
    document important updates that will significally change the game from version
    1.1 onwards. Normal crops update or shops updates won't be found here.
    There are new realms avaliable for version 1.13 of We Rule. You can get an
    additional piece of land free and pay 150000 coins for every other piece of land
    for a maximum of 4 "expansions" to your kingdom. I have witness most players are
    using it for ruby grooves farmhouses or simply buying them and leaving it empty.
    My advice is do something useful for your money, if you have insider news that
    there are better stuff that will come out in the near future, save your coins.
    Else make your coins work for you, no point letting them sit in your account
    whereas others are harvesting a few thousands in a day from ruby grooves. Do
    note buildings in the main realm are not transferrable to these expansions and
    vice versa. These new realms are mainly for theme purpose, where you could
    beautify your kingdom to have different "Sectors" like magicial sector in the
    north, Military sector in the south etc.
    Copyright 2010 Lim Kheng Chye (Fellcor).
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Do Credit me if any of my work is used.

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