Hey there YGO! duelers! So, you want to build a butt-kicking, enemy-stomping, YGO! Dueling Deck? Well we have one here from an article from Kidzword's Killer Deck 101, that we applied and made this U-Ge-O! Dueler Deck Come Alive for you on your iPhone and iPod iTouch Devices!

What Makes an Awesome YGO! Deck? A powerful YGO! Deck is one that has the following things going for it.

-Strong four-star monsters.
-A way to summon tribute monsters without having to tribute.
-A way to draw extra cards.
-40 cards, no more.
-Cards that let you search your deck for other cards.
-Creatures that summon other creatures when they're destroyed.
-Cards that can wipe out your opponent's monsters, traps and spells.

This deck has won tournaments and crushed hundreds of opponents. Check it out and see if you can build a deck like it. Then, test it against the people you duel with, improve your skills and become a Master Dueler!

Do You Have Your Own YGO! Killer Deck that You Would Like To Share?

Send us your YGO! Strategy or Commentary and include the Cards in your Dueler Deck, for possible inclusion in our next update!

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