Are you tired of those easy games designed for people with low IQs? Then try the fastest and most difficult quiz test in the store!

The objective of the game is simple : answer 30 questions in a minute. The questions are not too hard - but they are designed to confuse you. By the time the clock starts clicking, you will start making mistakes, and you'll be lucky to get 20 questions right.

You think you can beat the clock? You think you are good enough at geography or music or science to get 30 questions right in a minute?

Then challenge yourself with the "I am not a moron test"!

* Tap the screen to pick the right answer
* Over 1200 multiple choice options, all designed to confuse you and throw you off balance
* Large collection of questions
* 3 Categories: Music, Science and Geography
* Countdown timer with some nervewracking audio effects

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