Word Gem is a fun and easy game, all you have to do is select gems to make up words and if the word is in the dictionary you’ll see a score show up on the screen beneath the word you are attempting to spell.

Instead of being scored by letter or word you are scored by the color of the gem. Each gem may either add points to the word score or take points away.

The idea of the game is to spell as many words as you can, Word Gem logs all 3 letter, 4 letter, and 5 letter words and shows you how many words you have spelled in each set on the statistics screen.

There is still a hidden advantage in this version of Word Gem, except in this version we reveal in during the Instructions screen.

So are you ready to see how well your memory works? Let’s find out!

• Spell as many words as you can in an endless game.
• Bonus Words (adds up to 100 points to word score).
• Shake to scramble words.
• Scored by gem color.
• Swipe through or tap gems to make word.

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