This application makes use of the term "Easter Egg", which means a piece of software that is "Not Supposed To Be There." The reason that this application is better than any of it's "Rivals" is that it is actually CHALLENGING! There are NO clues given (almost no clues), so progressing to a level isn't as frustrating as you would think because you can't say that you tried everything.

How can you blend a puzzle, entertainment, learning and knowledge into a 5.5MB application? Well, with the stretching of some boundaries, The Easter Egg Hunt has redefined puzzles on the App Store! Forget puzzles that give away clues willy-nilly, forget puzzles whee you will get stuck and never carry on and forget puzzles where you are the only person that can be proud of the fact that you have gotten further than anyone else. With leader boards, a completely random setup of level solutions and a service where a level's solution can be sent to your device (through push notifications!) this app creates a homely, independent environment.


Inbuilt instructions (Obviously!)

There are 500 OpenFeint point to score.

Play on "SPECIAL" occasions and have emoji enabled on your device! (Doesn't have to be easter!)

There is a "Too Hard" button on most levels where, when pressed, you will be put in a queue to receive a push notification with the answer.

Sounds and Vibrations


Doesn't transform into a jet-pack (Still working on it.)

CLUE - If a level's background is the same as a previous one and its text is white then the solution will have something to do with the previous level!

P.S. This is only part 1, with 25 levels. More to come soon!

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