quare 15 is an interesting Puzzle Game. This game is four type of 1) Super Easy 2) Kind a easy 3) Medium 4) Hard. The puzzle consists of a 4 by 4 grid containing 15 slideable squares and one blank space. The puzzle is initialized by randomly sliding the squares until they are sufficiently "shuffled". The player then moves individual squares, or entire rows/columns until the pieces are back in ascending order.

To make moves, specifying the "to" and "from" positions would be burdensome. Instead, moves are identified by specifying a square that is in the same row or column as the blank space. The application then responds by moving all squares between the blank space and the designated square in the direction of the blank space.
Three iterations:
1.Display a 4x4 grid, receive input, update display
2.Randomize the squares
3.Implement single-square move

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