Disclaimer:The MacroLegend LLC will be solely responsible for any promotion and any prize in this game.
Apple is not a sponsor of, or responsible for conducting, the promotion.

WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTED, Be Careful! The first iphone game giving gift to players!!!

Want to win a real gift by surviving more than 50 seconds? Want to get your mystery Title? Want to beat all your friends in the Facebook? Play 24 SECOND, which is addicted flight micro-game.

So, what is it?

In 24-SECOND, you control a Fighter Plane to survive from bullets come from any angle of the screen. Try to survive as long as possible! Also be aware of the Laser come up during the specific time in the game! Laugh with delight as come up the geeky title you get within a specific range of survival time (the longer you can survive, the better title you will get).

# Get a surprise gift if survive more than 50 seconds, 100 seconds, or 200 seconds (we will send to you for free, and the more you can survive, the more valuable gift you will get). (Apple is not a sponsor of, or responsible for conducting, the promotion.)

# Easily control by moving the iphone

# Restart the game quickly by touching any place of the screen.

# Keep the your highest score forever in our server

# Challenge friends

# Submit score to Facebook

# Secret titles for much higher level

# Awesome background music

How to play:

Move iphone to different directions.

* Please at least keep alive for 10 seconds...

* We only have 100 gifts, try to catch up as soon as possible

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