Make haste, and load yer cannons, me boy. Them yellow-bellied rascal pirates are after yer gold. Task yer deck-hands to bring the finest ammunition ye got, and blast them rogues to Davy Jones' Locker. Lift up yer eye-patch, to keep a watch on them damned sea beasties too, matey…they are a-plotting to spoil yer shot.
---- ---- ---- ----
Battle stations: Enjoy Yaaar! as a "Quick Fight" game (ideal for just a few minutes of casual play), or enjoy a multi-round battle.

Choose your level of skill: Fight as a "Land Lubber", "Deck Hand" or "Salty Dog".

Select your ammo: Win more gold, and spend as much as you like on powerful ammo, to inflict greater damage on your enemies.

Avoid the Sea Beasts: The Whale, the Giant Squid, and the mighty Kraken keep getting in the way, and can spoil your vital shot when you need it most.

Enjoy stunning design: From the most beautiful illustrations, to fantastic music and sound design, make Yaaar! a stand-out app on your iPad


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