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2) I was going to add the ability to create multiple mazes and write reviews of others mazes in Version 7. I can gladly move that to the next version if there is enough interest.

What's new in Version 3:

Lots of new features to let you greatly customize your maze:

- Mazes can now be 3x3 to 15x15 in size.

- Teleportation from one location to another.

- New wall types: Invisible and Fake.

- Start Over locations that send the user back to start.

- Custom messages displayed to the user at any maze location.

- A Tutorial Mode that provides step by step instructions in real time on how to create your own maze.

- Maze ratings so that most liked mazes appear at the top of the Highest Rated list.

- Well marked start and end locations.

- Backup by simply swiping down with your finger.

Explore 3D mazes created by others or create your own.

Friends can play your maze on your iPad or you can choose to share it with the whole world.

With a few taps on the screen you can create a maze within minutes.

Mazes can be 3x3 to 15x15 in size.

I look forward to reading everyone's reviews so I can make version 4 even better.

Planned features for Version 4:

- Greatly improve appearance of application

- Ability to customize the appearance of your maze.

- Select background music for your maze.

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