The strategy game that's a big buzz!

Try to outwit your opponent and be the first player to jump your cups and slide your saucers to the opposite end of the game board.

Jumpin' Java is a unique game that is fun to play for all ages.

Object: Be the first player to stack your cups and saucers at the opposite end of the game board.

Rules: Each player has two cups and two saucers of matching colors, red or yellow. The cups are stacked on top of their matching colored saucers at opposites ends of the board.

The board is a straight line of 9 coasters. Each player takes a turn moving either one cup or one saucer. Only to types of moves are possible. A cup or saucer can move to the nearest empty coaster or a cup can jump on top of the nearest saucer of the same color.

No cups or saucers can jump past an open coaster. A cup is not allowed to jump on a saucer of the another color. When a saucer has a cup on it, it cannot move until the cup is moved first. If a move is possible, the player must move. However, a player can pass if he cannot move any of his pieces.

No pieces can move backwards.

Sounds easy? Have a go at Jumpin' Java to see how clever you are at beating the computer or a nearby friend with this easy to learn yet hard to master game.

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