"Q&Reversi" is brand new game that reversi combines with the quiz.

-about Reversi-
Aim of the game is to get more tiles of your kind than your opponent.
Both players move one after another.
You have to place an own tile on an empty field next to an opponent`s tile so that this tile or a row of tiles is between your tiles.
This is possible in three directions: straight,cross or horizontal.
After placing the tile,tile turns over all opponent`s tiles lying on a straight line between the new tile and any anchoring your tiles.
When you can`t place a tile any field,it is pass.
The game is over if no one can place a tile.

-about quiz-
After reversi is played, You can challenge quiz.(it have three choices.)
The image of your tile at the reversi becomes a hint.

Have fun!

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