GAMEVIL DOLLAR DEALS All our games are up to 80% off. Grab your copy now! --------------------- MANAGE YOUR SOCCER TEAM TO SUPERSTARDOM!The newest member of the 'Superstars' franchise! Guide your team to world success in Season Mode, bring home a trophy in Cup Mode, or relive memorable international soccer moments in Dramatic Mode!---------------------CRITICS SAY"Soccer Superstars is an excellent pick. You still have real soccer play, but between the RPG elements and the super-players, theres enough 'videogame stuff' to deliver fun escapism."IGN"Football title with the emphasis very much on the cartoony and extravagant, with explosions leaping from boots and cutaways of your players in the style of an anime battle sequence."PocketGamer"You will lose entire afternoons to playing series of games to improve your customized teams and players."Touch Arcade"The game will be a addictive game that should turn out to be a must buy."Appmodo---------------------FEATURESTHE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE SUPERSTARS FRANCHISESuccessor of Baseball Superstars, which has sold over 10M copies worldwide. DEVELOP YOUR PLAYER FROM ROOKIE TO SUPERSTARManage your player or team through numerous seasons. Perform events, train or buy items for players to lead them to superstardom. FULL FEATURED SOCCER GAME5 different modes; Exhibition, My League, Season, Cup and Dramatic Mode guarantee endless play time. CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLAYEREnjoy the familiar RPG elements of the Superstars franchise! Customize name, physical features and apparels of your player. ANIME STYLE GRAPHICSExperience the casual and fun side of the most popular sport on the planet!---------------------OTHER GAMEVIL GAMES Baseball Superstars 2010 HDBaseball Superstars 2011Boom It Up!HYBRID: Eternal WhisperHYBRID 2: Saga of NostalgiaILLUSIAKAMI RETRONOM: Billion Year TimequestVANQUISH: The Oath of BrothersZENONIAZENONIA 2--------------------- NEWS & EVENTS Website Facebook Twitter YouTube

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